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UPyD demand answers in congress over Murcia's Corvera Airport

Wed 30th Jul 2014
UPyD demand answers in congress over Murcia's Corvera Airport

Earlier this week Spain's UPyD opposition party demanded that Ana Pastor, the national Minister for Development, addressed Congress to appraise the House on the current situation regarding Murcia's Corvera International Airport.

Concerns were expressed that although various regional politicians have spoken of the facility being operational this year, few of the required permits and licences are actually in place.

Back in June the Regional Minister of Public Works, Manuel Campos, announced how Corvera airport would be operational by December, and that San Javier Airport would not close until at least 2016 - meaning that Murcia would operate 2 airports for at least 18 months.

However, news at the weekend seemingly contradicted this, with the EU183 Mln loan Guarantee extended by the Region of Murcia to the consortium behind the airport only being approved by the EC on condition that San Javier airport be closed.

The UPyD also suggested that the 2015 Elections were the primary factor in driving the multitude of promises and guarantees concerning the operation of Corvera Airport.

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Comment on this Story

The UPyD can demand all the answers they like. I doubt they will get any.
Robster - Wed, 6th Aug 2014

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