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Murcia's Corvera Airport "WILL open March 2015"

Source: La Verdad - Thu 14th Aug 2014
Murcia's Corvera Airport 'WILL open March 2015'

A report in today's edition of La Verdad suggests that Corvera Airport is unlikely to welcome 1 Million passengers during the first 2 years of operation.

The number is just one set condition, by which aid from the region of Murcia will be cut by 50% if not met.

The same reduction will be applied if AENA fail to close San Javier Airport within a period of 2 years after Corvera becomes operational.

Manuel Campos - the Regional Minister of Public Works - yesterday announced that these targets cut be hit "from year three", however this is of little consolation when the conditions apply to year 2.

Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Rafael Catala, spoke of how the closure of San Javier was still on schedule to be closed within the agreed timeframe.

Latest figures suggest that the total amount of investment sunk into Corvera stands at EU 257 Mln, with state aid legally being unable to exceed 75%, meaning that the maximum amount available to support the concession holders is EU 191 Mln.

The amount currently loaned by the Region stands at EU 171 Mln - meaning the region could agree to spend a further EU 20 Mln of tax-payers money if needs be ?

Speaking yesterday, the Minister maintained that Corvera airport would be open in 2015 and tentatively suggested the month of March - once all the required permits were in place. He also assured that whilst this had been a complex process "a lot had been achieved in a little time".

It was in July 2012 that the very same Rafael Catala announced that Corvera would be operational by October 2012.

He expected the EU's College of Commissioners to announce their decision during October.

A meeting has been scheduled for the 9th of September whereby the concession holder of Corvera Airport (Aeromur), the Regional Government, AENA and representatives of the EU will agree the final conditions - including the state aid - before the facility can open.

La Verdad's report went on to remind how the EU 171 Mln loan would accrue a further EU 270 Mln in interest during the 37 year term.

Furthermore, The Minister confirmed that the Airport would attend next month's World Airline Forum in Chicago, in order to promote Corvera as a recognised destination for major airlines.

Despite the region's current attitude to air travel being little more than a joke, he went on to express surprise that passenger number arriving at San Javier airport this year have not grown, even when passenger numbers arriving in Spain this year are at record highs.

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Comment on this Story

All I want to know is ....... "when will I be able to buy my ticket to fly from Corvera, take an aerial photograph of the Torrevieja desalinisation plant in action, and on again to land safely at Castellon ?" ..... Is it the pompous corruption of the senior officials in Spain that is causing this problem, or is this phenomenon just another of their stupid monuments to political stupidity ?
Alcox - Thu, 30th Apr 2015
The tech in question is not "future proofed" by the supply companies. That's how they make their money. The original fit was in the 2010/11 fiscal year.
Spb - Wed, 27th Aug 2014
Spb : Carl's question does seem a fair one.... I'm curious to know what technological advances have been made in 12 months that would render the equipment out of date ? I'm guessing you are saying that it WAS current when it was installed, but that it is not now (or when likely to be operational) ?
Robster - Wed, 27th Aug 2014
Is who being obtuse? If you are replying to myself, I am not being obtuse I was asking you a question about your post. If it had already opened (which it hadn't but could have done if on schedule) I read your "tech" out of date as saying it would have closed again because the "tech" would have not complied and would have had to have been replaced? As for being convinced it is a "goer", I have not read any post here where anybody (least of all me because I don't think it is a goer) has stated or inferred it is a goer?
Carl - Tue, 26th Aug 2014
We property in the Cabo Roig area and love the San Javier airport. We had a ride out to the new airport in Corvera on Sat 23rd August. Unless a new easy access motorway is created we will have to use Alicante The present road takes you through Corvera and along twisty roads- without lighting--a nightmare in the dark
Carol - Tue, 26th Aug 2014
Are you being obtuse ? It won't open this year or next year as the "tech" is by far only one of several problems. What has convinced you that it is a "goer" ?
Spb - Tue, 19th Aug 2014
Hey Spb, I'm confused? So if it had already opened up in 2013 or even early 2014, are you saying that as "the "tech" ( firmware, software, etc ) is now out of date and does not meet the current ICAO standards and that has to be ripped out, new installation and commissioning which then needs to meet the aforementioned standards." it would have had to close down again now anyway because it no longer met the standards?
Carl - Tue, 19th Aug 2014
Their principal problem now, is that the "tech" ( firmware, software, etc ) is now out of date and does not meet the current ICAO standards and that has to be ripped out, new installation and commissioning which then needs to meet the aforementioned standards. Virtually, fiscally impossible after all the money that is required to hand over control. Dreamland.
Spb - Tue, 19th Aug 2014
Totally agree Robster! Connecting transport utilities, Hire car companies not saying if they will operate from Corvera or not, not to mention who wants to be the guinea pigs if and when it opens as its bound to be full of baggage cock-ups etc... until it gets in its stride. And personally, MJV will always be a better option for many, myself included
Carl - Fri, 15th Aug 2014
How can the Minister give such assurances that it will open March 2015 before they have even attended the event to sign contracts with any airlines ? Sounds to me like the airport might open, but getting anybody to fly there is another matter.
Adrian Kettlewell - Fri, 15th Aug 2014
Is this guy for real ?..... "surprised" that passengers don't want to fly to San Javier / Murcia anymore ? - Why would they when they don't know from one minute to next which airport, or when, will be operational. What a Nob !
Robster - Thu, 14th Aug 2014

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