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Earthquake in Lorca, Murcia

Sun 17th Aug 2014
Earthquake in Lorca, Murcia

A Seismic event measuring some 2.2 on the Richter scale occurred in the town of Lorca, Murcia, this morning.

The minor earthquake had an epicenter approx 5km to the north of the town, and was registered at a depth of 5km when the event took place shortly after 08.00 local time on Sunday.

Whilst the event was not felt by residents on the surface, and is by no means a significant intensity, the events of May 11th 2011 will still be fresh in the memory of those living in the area.

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Comment on this Story

Still very much in the minds of Lorquinos and evidence of the devastating double earthquakes all around, this mornings earth tremor triggered memories of the fear, destruction and panic experienced that tragic day back in 2011. Whilst today's tremor was not physically felt, news of it spread like an out of control wild fire throughout the city. La Viña, widely considered as ground zero where the most destruction occurred, is still undergoing major reconstruction and many displaced by the events of that day are still situated in temporary accommodation. The healing process has begun and in most cases has run its course, but it's evident that Lorquinos will always be nervous of any earth movements for a longtime to come.
tumbit - Dan Brammall (in Lorca) - Sun, 17th Aug 2014

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