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PP u-turn over Spain abortion reform

Sun 14th Sep 2014
PP u-turn over Spain abortion reform

The Spanish government is rumoured to turn it's back on its plans to reduce access to abortion, according to a report in El Mundo.

The Partido Popular first spoke of changes to the current law late last year, whereby abortion would be made illegal except in the case of rape, or when there is a risk to the physical and mental health of the mother. If approved, the laws would become some of the strictest in Europe, with women being required to have 2 Doctors certify that the conditions had been met before an abortion could be granted.

Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, in December 2013 announced that such changes would be approved before the end of September 2014, but unnamed PP sources have suggested that the deadline is unachievable given that their is no agreement on the issue within the party.

The reforms are also proving unpopular with the public, with opinion polls suggesting that almost three-quarters are opposed to any changes, and with a number of demonstrations being held in protest across Spain since the announcement was made.

Yet in spite of the lack of popularity with the voting the voting public the PP has chosen to press on with the reform, insisting that it was one of their key 2011 election promises, with the Minister asserting in February of this year how he would not be swayed in his quest to protect the rights of the unborn.

According to El Mundo, the government's U-turn is largely concerned with how this is likely to influence the outcome of the 2015 election.

The European election of May this year saw the PP lose some 2.5 Million votes compared to the previous EU election of 2009, causing the party to undertake a policy review.

News of the U-turn was criticized by pro-life groups, who are due to demonstrate in the capital this week over continued delays to passing the legislation, calling for Rajoy to fulfill his election promise.

The new leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, referred to the news as a victory for the many who opposed the changes, while for their part the leader of Podemos tweeted that it was "a victory for all the women of our country and a demonstration of what is possible".

Nobody from the PP has commented on the news as yet.

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