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Winter Fuel Payments to UK Expats Hit Record Highs

Mon 22th Sep 2014
Winter Fuel Payments to UK Expats Hit Record Highs

The UK's Expat pensioners living in countries including Spain received over 21.7 Million in winter fuel payments in 2013, according to a report published by the Department of Works and Pensions.

This was up from 21.4 Million the previous year.

The report went on to note that payments of up to 300 a year are being paid to people living abroad in countries that are warmer than the UK.

The revelation has resulted in the usual criticisms that the payments are intended to provide much-needed respite for desperate pensioners in the UK to pay their winter fuel bills, and are not deserved by those living in 'warmer' countries such as Spain.

The DWP figures show that more than 8million was sent to Expat Brits in Spain; 5million to France; 1.4 million to Cyprus and 579,000 to those living in Portugal.

The number of expats claiming winter fuel allowance in Spain has grown by 44% in just 2 years to stand at 139,000.

Earlier this year the UK proposed to end the allowance from British pensioners living in countries where the average temperature is warmer than the UK.

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Comment on this Story

In never ceases to amaze me : So ok, there are 139,000 British Expat Pensioners claiming a Winter Fuel Allowance in Spain.... 90% Plus of this number probably all paid their NI contributions for their entire working life, so are only taking back a small percentage of what they paid in..... Why have the Daily Mail and all the haters decided that this small demographic is the route all the UK's woes and the far, far, far higher number of tax-dodging benefit cheats that have arrived into the UK from other countries are allowed to continue doing so unchecked. People are scared to question these groups for fear of being branded Racist or Xenophobic, but feel comfortable victimizing Expat pensioners. Priorities wrong, once again...
Robster - Tue, 23rd Sep 2014

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