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Spain Wins UN Security Council Seat

Fri 17th Oct 2014
Spain Wins UN Security Council Seat

The United Nations yesterday voted in favour of awarding Spain a seat on their Security Council, to run for 2 years from January 1st 2015.

The 193 Member UN General Assembly narrowly beat Turkey in the Western Europe group, where voting had to go through three rounds as the required two-thirds majority was lacking in the first two rounds.

New Zealand, Angola, Venezuela and Malaysia also won a seat on the council for their respective groups.

Earlier last month the UK Foreign Office intimated that they would use their vote as a bargaining chip with Spain, fearing that if they gained a seat they would use this advantage to push the issue of Gibraltar Sovereignty with the UN.

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Comment on this Story

Spain runs the risk of being ridiculed for hypocrisy by the rest of world if the so much as dare to raise the issue of Gibraltar in front of the UN. Especially after the on-going fracas with their inability to control immigration in Melilla and Ceuta. Glass houses and stones, and all that...
Robster - Fri, 17th Oct 2014

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