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1 in 4 Spanish adults are internet addicts

Source: GNOM - Sun 7th Dec 2014
1 in 4 Spanish adults are internet addicts

1 in 4 Spanish adults are showing signs of internet addiction, with 26% admitting that their personal lives depend upon their mobile phones, according to a study by consumer group OCU.

Spaniards aged 18 to 64 spend more time on the computer or on their mobiles in their private life than their working life – about five-and-a-half hours a day connected to the internet or on their SmartPhones, which translates to 22 hours a week, compared to 17 hours a week for work.

Most of them do so to read their emails, search for information online, or on social networks, which 85% of those questioned say they have at least one.

Over a third – nearly four in 10 – realised they spend more time online than they thought they did after taking part in the survey.

A total of 78% of respondents own a SmartPhone with internet access, and spend an average of 33 hours a week on it.

Nearly two-thirds say they always have their phones switched on and close by.

The addiction level when it comes to mobile phones, according to the OCU, is fairly low in Spain – on a scale of 20 to 100, they calculate this at 31.4 – although the 18-24 age-group has a higher degree of addiction, at 41 on the same scale.

As for internet content most accessed, 23% say they play video games at least once a week, with 70% of these doing so for a minimum of an hour a day.

A total of 21% of respondents admitted to looking at internet pornography, and 4% bet money online.

Approximately 1,900 people out of a cross-section of society aged 18 to 64 were surveyed, according to the OCU.

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