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Adios to Google News !

Tue 16th Dec 2014
Adios to Google News !

As promised, Google News ceased operations in Spain earlier today, a move which the web stalwarts claimed was the result of a new law that would have required it to pay publishers for their content.

Last week Google announced their intention to cease operations in Spain.

Today, the company posted a notice on the Google News Spanish site confirming the action.

"We're incredibly sad to announce that, due to recent changes in Spanish law, we have removed Spanish publishers from Google News and closed Google News in Spain," the message read.

The root of the problem is a new Spanish law due to that take effect January 1st, which requires search engines to pay publishers for the right to display snippets of text from stories and headlines. The law was passed amid broader concerns from publishers across Europe that Google wields too much power.

But Google said its news service does not make money since it doesn't display advertising on the site. As such, the company said operating under such a law was "not sustainable."

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Comment on this Story

Totally agree with Google's decision... Almost every half decent internet savvy person on the planet knew this would be the end result of the Spanish governments meddling and attempts to control the internet. Spain not only wants it's cake, but wants to eat it also...
Ed Bishop - Tue, 16th Dec 2014

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