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Freak Weather Conditions Hit Spain

Fri 6th Feb 2015
Freak Weather Conditions Hit Spain

The cold snap affecting Spain over the last 3 days - and looks likely to run in to next week - continues to cause problems for travelers, especially in the northern regions.

Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls have caused train connections to the Asturias to be cancelled, while it is currently impossible to cross from the neighboring region of Cantabria into Burgos with snow causing the closure of the A-67 between the two regions for the third consecutive day.

The Military were called into action to rescue over 200 people who were stranded in their vehicles, many of them British tourists who had arrived from the Santander Ferry, who had already spent 2 nights in temporary accommodation set up in the town of Aguilar de Campoo.

Other roads in northern Spain have also been affected with Aragon and northern Catalonia experiencing a number of minor road closures, with high winds have also causing problems for high-sided vehicles.

A driver also died in Madrid when his vehicle slid off the side of a bridge due to a frozen road surface.

Mallorca also saw the closure of 5 roads due to snowfall, with the Spanish Civil Guard having to rescue 6 German tourists who became trapped in the snow close to Sa Calobra in the north of the island.

With more cold air predicted to arrive during the day Friday and continuing on into Saturday, over 40 Spanish provinces remain on alert and PM Mariano Rajoy will preside over a meeting in order to assess the situation.

Readers of the Daily Mail in the UK might wish to take note of the above the next time one their so-called journalists wags the finger at Expat Pensioners in Spain persuing the claim of a Winter Fuel Allowance.

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Comment on this Story

Winter fuel benefits should not be paid to expat pensioners in Spain? this is exactly why it should!
Mo Porter - Sat, 7th Feb 2015

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