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"F**k off Back to Spain !"

Mon 16th Feb 2015
'F**k off Back to Spain !'

A Youtube clip has appeared portraying an unsavory altercation between a group of racist yobs and 2 'suspected Spaniards' on a Manchester bus last week.

The clip, titled ‘Manchester bus fight – Spanish vs Mancs', was captured on the number 43 bus from Piccadilly Gardens to Wythenshawe in the early hours of Thursday 12th February.

The footage, which shows a man with a Manchester accent shouting ‘fuck off back to Spain' and spitting on his victims, has already attracted more than 500 views.

Sexual equality is shown to be commonplace in Manchester, with a young woman joining in, whilst somewhat stereotypically clutching a tray of chips.

The passenger to have captured the footage claims the thugs had violence on their minds from the start, and that one already had dried blood on his face.

The gang were involved in showering racial abuse to not only the 2 men in the video, but also to another passenger traveling on his own who they believed was also Spanish.

Speaking to local newspaper Mancunian Matters, the 23 year old Doorman who filmed the clip told jouranllists "We all got on at Piccadilly. The two girls in the video were drunk and mouthing off at anyone and everyone, then hiding behind the guys they were with.

"The guy had dried blood on his face before he even got on the bus."

He went on to describe how the main protagonists then began arguing amongst themselves, with the man threatening to break the woman's jaw, which initiated further hostilities when fellow passengers took issue.

Mr Thompson claims he was also subject to abuse when the thugs labeled him a ‘grass' for having filmed the incident, before turning their attentions to another Hispanic gentleman on the bus and telling him to ‘fuck off back to Spain' too.

The 23-year-old from Belfast went on to say how he been told by the same man earlier in the journey to ‘fuck off back to Poland', and says it is not the first time he has been on the receiving end of such comments, having lived in Manchester for the past four years.

The clip starts with young Mancunian woman shouting "Get off, get off, you faggots, get off. You Spanish cunts."

The two apparently Spanish men, both wearing beanie hats and carrying backpacks, then turn and begin to exit the bus, before a local man is heard shouting: ‘Atta him, attack him.'

The second of the men is then attacked from behind by the woman, holding a tray full of chips in her left-hand while swinging punches with her right.

The victim is seen defending himself, before being attacked by another man, sporting a dark blue bomber jacket with a silver chain swinging from his neck, who brushes past the woman, sending her chips flying.

The violent local is then heard shouting ‘get off my girl bro,' before throwing a punch at the victim as he attempts to exit the bus down the stairs.

The situation flares as the two square up, as the woman who initiated the fight shouts from behind her partner: "Go on then! Swear to God mate, swear to God."

The victim initially begins to walk away, but returns to throw one last kick before hurrying back down the stairs.

The local then stands with his arms aloft shouting: "Attacking women, you faggot. Get off the bus".

He then proceeds to spit at the two men as they flee down the staircase, shouting: "Suck yer mum, you faggot".

It makes you proud to be British, doesn't it ?

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