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Corvera Airport "Has not received a single Euro from EU"

Thu 19th Feb 2015
Corvera Airport 'Has not received a single Euro from EU'

Josť Gabriel Ruiz, the Spokesman for the Regional Government of Murcia, said on Thursday today how Corvera Airport has not received "one single euro money from the EU".

The comment came after suggestions made by members of the opposition concerning the financing of the project.

Speaking directly to the press, Ruiz asserted that Brussels had approved the loan guarantee issued by the Regional Government of Murcia as it was found not to have violated any rules concerning competition.

Ruiz also stated that the terms of the loan guarantee never meant "the application of European funds to the international airport."

The chairman of AENA, Peter Blaya, responded that the "serious suspicion of fraud surrounding the EU's financing of Corvera Airport" should mean that the European Commission, through the Directorate General of Competition, withdrew the authorization of the loan guarantee.

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Comment on this Story

A very good point Lucinda. Also, I have just noticed this Corvera news article from Feb 2013 - How little has changed in 2 yrs ! - AENA v Corvera

Tumbit - Admin - Fri, 20th Feb 2015
Interesting article. Just had to check the net to confirm my suspicions - San Javier has received EU funding in the past. Wonder if this will need to be repaid if San Javier closes ?
Lucinda Castiles - Fri, 20th Feb 2015

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