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Spain's DGT revises Speeding guidelines

Sun 22th Feb 2015
Spain's DGT revises Speeding guidelines

Spain's General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has announced a series of changes to the way that speeding is defined, policed and recorded, with 80% of all road traffic fatalities being attributed to excessive speed last year.

The introduction of further speed cameras across Spain's network of major roads towards the end of 2014 has yielded positive results, and as such the DGT has launched a campaign - "Tolerencia 7" - in a further attempt to improve road safety.

Tolerancia 7

With specific regards to fixed speed camera's, the DGT is looking to standardise the tolerance for all cameras across the country to 7km/h for road speeds up to 100km/h, and to 7% for roads with a permissible speed over 100km/h. This 'margin of error' is essentially a gesture of goodwill to allow for any difficulty the driver may have in accurately reading their speedometer.

Vehicles caught speeding will also be categorized by type, to determine the nature of the infraction (For example, a Heavy Goods Vehicle traveling at the same speed as a car, would be in breach of the, whereas the car may not be).

Furthermore, the DGT will also publish details of the locations of all fixed speed cameras.

However, the points deducted for speeding, or the speed limits applied to Spain's road network has not changed in any way.

Mobile speed cameras - such as those onboard Helicopters - use a different method of measurement altogether, taking three separate readings one second apart to determine the distance travelled in that time, and evaluating the total speed of the vehicle.


In addition to fixed-camera location details, the DGT has also announced that they will give prior notice of the locations where mobile / temporary speed cameras will be operational on their website.

The decision on where to site such mobile cameras will be taken based on the number of road traffic accidents being recorded in each location over previous months.

The DGT also commits to ensuring that Mobile cameras will be visible to road users in advance, to ensure that they are seen as a deterrent to speeding.

ITV and Insurance

All speeding infractions recorded by mobile speed cameras where the driver has not been stopped at the scene will also see the detailed of the vehicle being cross-referenced to ensure that the ITV and Insurance are fully compliant.

Other Measures

The DGT confirm that there are currently 850 Fixed speed cameras at various locations across the country, with plans to add a further 30 in coming months.

Furthermore, the Guardia Civil has been instructed to devote one-third of their time their time to the general monitoring of motoring, one third of the time to offering 'care and assistance' to road users, and one-third to assisting the DGT with specific campaigns.

The realisation of these campaigns was laid down in the DGT's Comprehensive Monitoring Plan, launched in December last year, which also introduced a compulsory alcohol / drugs test for any driver stopped by the Guardia Civil for speeding.

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Comment on this Story

What's betting the DGT haven't actually communicated this small fact to the Guardia yet ?
Tyler - Sat, 28th Feb 2015

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