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Every day the Thousands of Visitors coming to our site have the opportunity to express their opinion on a host of legal and financial issues that affect their lives in Spain. Impartial, unbiased and representative of "The Man in the Street" it might just give you an insight into how the majority of the ex-pat population are currently thinking

Should Spain allow Catalonia a referendum on Independence ?

Yes: 34 (49%)
No: 35 (51%)
Votes Cast: 69

If an Independent Catalonia would be unconstitutional, and therefore not permitted, why even hold a referendum in the first place ? - OR would a referendum be a symbolic gesture of defiance against Spanish rule ? Whatever the result, and whatever the legality of the situation, Should such a referendum even be held ?

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Would you vote PP today....?

Yes: 30 (48%)
No: 32 (52%)
Votes Cast: 62

If a General Election was to be held today, would you vote YES to keep the current Partido Popular administration, or NO to revert to or PSOE (or any other) Government ?

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Should Spain host the 2020 Olympics ?

Yes: 40 (57%)
No: 30 (43%)
Votes Cast: 70

The total expenditure in building the Infrastructure and the hosting the 2020 Olympic Games in Madrid will be an estimated 5.6 Billion Euros. Is this an investment in Spain's future, or money which could be better spent elsewhere ?

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The Galicia Train Crash

Yes: 24 (77%)
No: 7 (23%)
Votes Cast: 31

Was July's Train Crash in Santiago de Compostela a tragic accident, caused by the negligence of the driver and 'Human Error' (Vote Yes), or are RENFE and the Spanish Government not telling us something (Vote No).

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Gibraltar ?

Yes: 21 (68%)
No: 10 (32%)
Votes Cast: 31

Should Gibraltar remain under the British Crown : Yes or No ?

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The Energy Efficiency Certificate ... ?

Yes: 23 (61%)
No: 15 (39%)
Votes Cast: 38

Spain's Introduction of the Energy Efficiency Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energética) from the 1st of June has caused much confusion and indignation. At an average of 300 Euros per Property, is the certificate really nothing more than yet another stealth tax imposed by the Spanish Government ?

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Cameron's EU Referendum

Yes: 29 (64%)
No: 16 (36%)
Votes Cast: 45

Simply put : Should the UK remain part of the European Union ?

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The Bailout : Will €100 Billion be enough ?

Yes: 30 (35%)
No: 55 (65%)
Votes Cast: 85

Will the €100 Billion bailout from EU member states be enough to allow Spain the breathing space needed to allow it's ailing economy to recover, or is it simply too little, too late ?

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Have you considered moving back to the UK ?

Yes: 53 (40%)
No: 78 (60%)
Votes Cast: 131

Of course, assuming that you are an Expat from the UK living in Spain, have you considered moving `Home´, or are the recent difficulties that Spain is currently facing no worse than the UK ?

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Is the Euro ´Single Currency´ doomed ?

Yes: 60 (61%)
No: 38 (39%)
Votes Cast: 98

Is it just a matter of time before the `Euro´ single currency collapses completely, and Spain returns to the Peseta, or are the recent problems just a `Hiccup´ ?

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Is the UK´s David Cameron in the right ?

Yes: 66 (76%)
No: 21 (24%)
Votes Cast: 87

Has David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, made the best decision for UK interests with his veto of the recent EU treaty on the Euro ?

Or, will this move further isolate the UK from Europe and be a detriment to future relationships with Brussels ?

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Will Spain need a Bailout ?

Yes: 61 (66%)
No: 31 (34%)
Votes Cast: 92

Is Spain heading for an inevitable bailout from the IMF & ECB like Iceland, Ireland and Greece, or will the coming elections bring changes that can help the country step back from the brink ?

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Would you buy, or have you bought an offplan Spanish property ?

Yes: 62 (39%)
No: 95 (61%)
Votes Cast: 157

The boom and bust of the Spanish property industry over the last decade saw thousands of foreign property investors buying offplan property - mainly coastal developments.

Has the recent instability seen with many developers caused you problems with your purchase, or even put you off considering such a purchase in future?

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Have you ever taken Spanish lessons formally ?

Yes: 104 (65%)
No: 57 (35%)
Votes Cast: 161

Did you learn the Spanish language in a classroom environment either before moving to Spain or upon arrival here, or did you simply pick it up from conversation and the use of a good phrase book whilst you were here ?

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Should Expats learn the appropriate regional language ?

Yes: 110 (63%)
No: 65 (37%)
Votes Cast: 175

Is is neccessary for expats to learn the regional language of their town - such as Catalan, Valenciano or Euskara - aswell as (or even instead of) Castilian Spanish ? - Or are these languages surplus to all useful requirements and only really used by the older generations purely on social occassions ?

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Should expats be entitled to claim the Winter Fuel Allowance from the UK ?

Yes: 94 (55%)
No: 77 (45%)
Votes Cast: 171

Is the UK's Winter Fuel Allowance a luxury that is simply not required by expats living in Spain, or are they only taking a benefit that they are legally entitled to after years of paying into the system ? Give us your thoughts ....

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Would you consider living permenantly in a New European Country?

Yes: 105 (48%)
No: 115 (52%)
Votes Cast: 220

Do countries such as Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria or Estonia offer a better standard of living to other Western European Countries? - Even if you believe that this is the case could you, or would you want to live there?

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Do ex-pat's really find the much clich'ed Better quality of life in Spain?

Yes: 167 (78%)
No: 47 (22%)
Votes Cast: 214

The Many Overseas Property Programmes on the television tell the story of finding the crock of gold at the Rainbow's end. Of course few things go to plan for most ex-pats, but on the whole how does life in a new country measure up to the life you left behind?

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