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About Us

How many times have you searched the web for some useful information that you required - only to have been pointed to a so called web portal that either didn't seem to have the information that you required anyway, or that the information was too brief and out-dated to have been of any use to you? Even if the information you required was contained within the site more often than not it would be impossible to find once you had managed to wade through the countless classifed adverts, business directory listings and completely irrelevant banners and other features!

Tumbit was born out of necessity. Sometimes you just need to find the information that you require quickly and easily - and for it to presented to you in a clear but concise way that cuts through industry jargon. Why complicate the issue and add pointless features to a website simply to make up the Page Numbers?

For this reason Tumbit is concerned with Providing only Legal and Financial related Information, News and Blogs for ex-pats and those planning a new life overseas. You want to know the Weather? - Check Google! - You want to know your Horroscope? - Buy a Newspaper ! We will never be the biggest of websites, nor do we wish to be, but this will never stop us striving to be the best.