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Whether you are Buying a property, setting up a Business here or just looking to get the best possible advise on how to conduct matters in Spain, it is always important to know who and where to turn... more
Building your own property is a dream come true for many of those planning a new life in Spain. Deciding to Build on an Urbanisation means that you will have the security of neighbours around you and the comfort of most mains services... more
For many of us, the dream of living in Spain will mean the open Countryside - Far from the Madding Crowd : Peace and Tranquility over Neighbours and Mains services. However, the practicalities of getting your project off the ground need addressing ... more
Same-sex marriages were made legal in Spain in June of 2005, whereby all civil marriage in Spain now allow homosexual couples the same legal, adoption and inheritance rights as heterosexual couples.... more
This is a scheme which allows people wishing to visit certain countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) to travel using only one visa. At the moment 24 countries within the EEA have signed... more
As soon as you have decided upon the type of enterprise that you wish to run and have thoroughly researched a suitable area, you will need to begin looking for the right business premises, or locales.... more
Not a nice subject - but one which will be much less painful if you are at least aware of the procedure in Spain... more
Obtaining the necessary building permissions and licences, with regards to your garden, is a subject that quite naturally causes confusion with people who have chosen to make Spain their home... more
It is by no means unusual for people to move house every once in a while, and while the process is widely acknowledged to be one of the most stressful things to happen in life, it is easy to see how... more
When the death of a loved one happens in a foreign country there can be a multitude of procedures to carry out and people to notify that you have never had to think about. It is an unfortunate... more
It is possible to arrange civil or religious marriages between two foreigners or a foreigner and a Spanish national provided that all of the required Paperwork is taken care of. In addition, the... more

Have you ever searched through Estate Agent websites when looking at property in Spain and wondered exactly what the badges and logo's located at the foot of the page represent ?

... more
Chances are that if you have been seriously looking at buying a property in Spain for any period of time, that you already know who the AIPP are, or at the very least have seen their logo attached... more
Births must be registered within eight days at the local civil registry office (Registro Civil). It is the parents' responsibility to ensure this is done and it must be carried out in person ( As... more
Sooner or later it will happen to most of us – whether you live here in Spain on a permenant basis, visiting relatives, or just here on Holida... more
The law in Spain states that you are required to register your Vehicle with Spanish plates within 6 months of bringing it into the country... more
The Communidad Valencia Regional Government passed a law to speed urban development in 1994. Whilst the law was largely well intentioned it has become controversial for it's abuses by various... more
In 2010, 73 women died at the hands of their partners in Spain, and this shocking statistic has given rise to the declaration that domestic violence in Spain is ‘the biggest cancer of Spanish... more
If you are arrested in Spain or fall victim of any crime you will be concerned to receive good legal advice and assistance. Your first point of contact should be the nearest British Consulate, and... more
All applications for your professional qualification to be officially recognised in Spain must be sent to the appropriate competent authority for the regulated profession that you wish to practice... more
Although the overall principal of successfully applying for a mortgage is the same in Spain as it is in the UK, there are a few differences between the 2 products that it pays to be aware of. Any... more
If you are living in spain and wish to start your own business here, you need to register as self employed (autonomo) for income tax and social security reasons. many small businesses also prefer... more
It is only relatively recently that Divorce has been legal in Spain, and even now it is not an easy path for troubled relationships to persue. In many cases divorce is so expensive and such a legal... more
A maximum of five pets may accompany you on your journey to Spain. All dogs & cats (and even ferrets!) must have a microchip OR registration number tattooed on the inside of their ear before they... more
Unless you are a citizen of the USA, Australia or New Zealand then you are required to hold a Visado de Residencia (Residence visa) to be allowed to enter Spain, however if you wish to stay for... more
The question of whether or not buyers need a survey can actually be answered by a significant proportion of new build owners, most having experienced various problems with their new properties,... more
The ‘Decenal’ 10-Year Property Insurance system for newbuilds requires that a geotechnical study of the ground is carried out as part of the project. This involves pre-build bore testing (in two or... more
Don’t leave it to chance : It’s common sense - think about what attracts/attracted you to a particular property that you want/wanted to buy... more
Despite what the scaremonger would have you believe , not everybody who may struggle from time to time to meet their mortgage repayments will fall victim to having their property repossessed -... more
So what do you need to know about towing a trailer in Spain and the law... more
The convenience of living in the Pueblo, combined with the charm and relative good value of an older property, can often mean that buying and restoring a Spanish Townhouse are attractive to foreign buyers. Quiet often this can be the case, but we asked Mark Paddon from Survey Spain what things a potential buyer of such a property should be aware of... more
If you own property in Spain ( or have assets in Spain ) and are a resident here it is advisable to have a Spanish will (testamento) made. This will avoid any complications in having a will from... more
A Widow or Widowers benefit is available from the Spanish State to the surviving partner of conventional or common-law marriage, when the deceased and surviving partner meet the requirements for... more
The Inspección Técnica de Edificios (ITE) comes into force in 2012, but what is it for, and which properties does it apply to ... more
We all have an opinion about the value of a property, especially when it’s ours, and that’s the problem! It’s the value that a prudent, knowledgeable buyer will put on it that’s important... more
Sometimes the easiest way to explain the exact function of a Chartered Surveyor is to describe the variety of surveys on which their expertise is considered vital. As you will be able to see, their... more

A common mistake made by foreign buyers of Spanish property is that of assuming that any purchasing procedures and legal formalities associated with any such sale are the same as in their own country.more

In these times of falling property prices and increasing rates of unemployment, a common question being asked on many expat forum is the subject of handing the keys back to the bank and walking away... more
Your checklist when moving to Spain! Print a copy out and keep it to hand..... more
If you are planning to visit Spain you may like to read this article and get the facts on Travel Insurance to Spain and it's importance... more
The Nota Simple is an official extract report that contains a full property description and can be obtained from the local property title registry office or, by subscribers, over the Internet. This... more
Sometimes it is easier just to buy an existing business rather than to go through the whole process of setting a up a Business Yourself from the very begining, and in many cases start to build up a... more
Changes to the 'Quarantine method of bringing your pet back to the UK have been advised, which will take effect from January 2012... more
What is a Denuncia, when would I make one and how would I do this ? ...... more
It doesn't need to be said that is no shortage of information out there concerning QROPS - Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes - and much of the advice given is very good. The problem is... more
The financial crisis seen in Spain over recent years has brought with it an increasing number of married and co-habiting expat couples who have taken the decision to go their separate ways. In some... more
Unless you are a professionally qualified tradesman - or at the very least an experienced DIY-er - you would be well advised to leave any issue concerning Spanish electrics to the experts... more
Confusing even at the best of times, a country's legal and judical system can seem a complicated web made up of many different entities with separate ( and often seemingly conflicting ) areas of responsibility – we will do our best to simplify and explain these below... more
If you are a dog owner considering bringing your pet into Spain, or even if you live in Spain already but are thinking of buying or adopting a larger dog, there are a number of considerations that... more
Chances are that anybody who is reading this guide is doing so faced with a problem... more
When you move to a new area in Spain you must register on the Padrón at the town hall as soon as possible. This is similar to the electoral role, but has much wider useage in Spain than in the... more
If you have relocated to Spain and have a baby it is compulsory for you to register the birth with the Spanish authorities. This can be done at the Civil Register Office nearest to the place of... more
It is a rarely spoken truth that a high number of those moving overseas to start a new life, will move back to the UK due to Legal, Financial or Personal reasons after a given period of time. Not... more
It is always useful to be familiar with various words and phrases that can occur wherever and whenever you are faced with any kind of bureaucracy in Spain. You might want to print our this page and keep it with your legal documents... more
I am unavoidably absent on Voting Day so I will have to be a postal voter. What do I do?... more
In times of difficult economic conditions it is only to be expected that many families are looking at ways in which they can reduce their monthly outgoings. One such means of budgeting may be to... more
As more and more expats move to Spain and integrate into the wider Spanish community, it is a sad but inevitable truth that more and more of us will have cause to attend a Spanish funeral... more

It is obligatory in Spain for a new build property to have ‘Seguro Decenal’ which is insurance on the building for 10 years. This article by Building Surveyor Mark Paddon explains what the implications are when buying a new build property in Spain :more

... And What to do if the developer has not complied with the contract...... more
If you have a UK photo card driving licence dating from 1997 or after (or full UK licence dating from 1990) it will be sufficient to allow you to drive legally in Spain. However, when it expires (or... more
On 10 July 2012 the Spanish Government introduced details of the new residency requirements for all EU citizens, including British nationals... more
The concept of a 'Common Law' marriage, or relationship is still relatively recent by Spanish standards... more
Moving abroad to a new country, whether for work or retirement, and being away from friends and family in your home country can often understandably cause many expats to have the “What if...”... more
Alongside complaints about Banks in Spain, complaints about Ayuntamiento and Town Hall administration are perhaps the most common quibbles by all non-Spanish residents... more
It can be a little confusing to most newcomers to Spain, that there are three separate Police Forces that operate, with varying responsibilities... more
You would be surprised how many people this issue relates to. Although there is no requirement for anybody to make a Spanish Will, by having one you will ensure a cost effective means of simplifying... more
Much has been written on the subject of timeshares over recent years, most articles only representing the more 'newsworthy' horror stories of families who have fallen victim to heavy handed... more
"Do I actually need a Survey when purchasing a property, or is this just another needless expense ?" is just one question many would-be buyers of Spanish Property ask themselves... more
Over the course of the last decade tends of thousands of British Citizens have made the decision to start a new life in Spain... more
For many generations smoking in Spain has formed part of Spanish culture and it has been accepted as the norm for teenagers through to grandparents across the country to be able to smoke openly and... more
Of all the types of property available in Spain, it is perhaps the Cave House that causes the would-be buyer the most cause for concern. Undoubtedly, this is because of the fact that it is so... more
The issue of where to make a will, and the implications which it may have on inheritance tax liabilities is one that is often overlooked by many non-resident owners of property in Spain... more
When buying property in Spain many expats make one of two mistakes : Assuming that the legal system and property purchase procedure is the same in Spain as it is in the UK, or entering into an... more
What does it do , Why do I need one and How do I Apply for one ... more
With this in mind Tumbit asked Building Surveyor Mark Paddon BSc Hons MCIOB. FAS. CAAT, why taking a moment to consider the bigger picture is a good idea. ”Whilst property buyers in... more
With the summer season in full swing, the Agencia Tributaria (Spain's tax authority) is launching a campaign to cut down on illegal property rentals. We asked Raquel Perez from Perez Legal Group ... more
Information on how, as a foreigner in Spain, you can buy a new or used car. Information includes information on what forms to fill out and how to find your local traffic department (Jefatura de Trafico... more
The majority of would-be buyers of Spanish property are aware of both the many services offered by a Surveyor, and of the importance of having a survey undertaken on any potential purchase... more
Anybody who has ever purchased a property in in Spain will at some time have heard of "the Boletin" with regards to obtaining a supply of electricity, But what does this document entail ?... more
Much has been written on the subject of Spanish Community of Residents (Comunidad de Propietarios), specifically what they entail and their responsibilities... more
Along with complaints about Banks and other financial institutions; and complaints about local Town Halls, complaints about the Police rank highly amongst Non-Spaniards living in Spain and who may... more
Global recession has hit small businesses hard, closing stores and causing job layoffs along with lots of restructuring. In one sense, this is good; companies are streamlining, and the recession is... more
It is often taken for granted that all members of the legal community act professionally, ethically and with integrity at all times. Expats who are newly arrived in Spain often find themselves... more
Being eligible for Spanish citizenship depends largely on the nationality of your parents, your current nationality and the length of time that you have being living in Spain. If one of your parents... more
Prior to 2007 the process of applying for or renewing your UK passport as an Expat in Spain was a tiresome and complicated procedure... more
According to Spanish consumer association FACUA, the 2 most common causes for consumer complaints by the general public in Spain are those to Electricity providers and Telecoms operators... more
Whilst it is not strictly necessary to exchange your UK Licence for a Spanish one, you may find it more convenient to do so ...... more
Poor customer service is inexcusable in any culture or language. Just like many of the locals, Expats... more
From time to time problems can and do occur in Spanish Banks, just as they do in other countries. Quite often any grievance can be sorted out at a branch level simply by speaking with the manager... more
When moving to Spain a lot of people quite naturally weigh up the pros and cons of bringing the car that they had in the UK over with them. Sometimes the obvious thing to do is to stay away from the... more
Cancelling any contract in Spain can be a difficult and time-consuming process - even for those who speak the language to an advanced level. There always seems to a complicated system to adhere to,... more
The Socialist PSOE Government abolished wealth tax (impuesto extraordinario sobre el patrimonio) - often referred to as simply 'el Patrimonio' in Spanish - on the 1st of January 2008 in a bid to... more
A frequent question asked by motorists of a foreign nationality in Spain is reagrds to the ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos), or the roadworthiness test of a motor vehicle in Spain, which is the... more