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Find out if you have any entitlement to claim for a disablity allowance to help you make a new life for yourself in Spai... more
If you have been lucky enough to find employment working for a UK registered company in Spain – or even if your current employer is relocating you from the UK to Spain, you need to be aware of the implications... more
Not a nice subject - but one which will be much less painful if you are at least aware of the procedure in Spain... more
Before entering this particular minefield you need to confirm whether you have ever paid any contributions in the UK. If you have, it means you may have a vested interest in continuing with the UK... more
You may not be aware, but claiming UK benefits in Spain is a very real possibility for some UK ex-pats in certain circumstances... more
The social security system in spain is similar to the UK. You pay your contributions every month, and that entitles you to a pension, unemployment benefit, sick pay, maternity pay and the right to... more
Any parent will tell you that having a baby and raising a child can be an expensive process, regardless of the country that you may choose to make your home. However, when you are far away from your... more
With the "economic crisis" constantly featured in the media, many of us are thinking more about whether we are receiving all the help available to us. You may be aware that Disability Living... more
If you own property in Spain ( or have assets in Spain ) and are a resident here it is advisable to have a Spanish will (testamento) made. This will avoid any complications in having a will from... more
... Or, in most cases - "Do I really need a Life Insurance Policy on top of all my other outgoings ?" ... Everybody has an opinon on the debate about Life Insurance - and the much asked question... more
A Widow or Widowers benefit is available from the Spanish State to the surviving partner of conventional or common-law marriage, when the deceased and surviving partner meet the requirements for... more
If you or your partner have made the appropriate contributions in the UK, then it is your right to claim your entitlement to any benefits due to you at these difficult times... more
Assuming that you are a citizen from another eu country, then you are legally entitled to work in spain without a work permit. It is recommended that you first visit spain and spend some time to see... more
It is far from being a Spanish state secret, but many Expat Pensioners living here in Spain are often unaware of the fact that they are entitled to a yearly holiday, subsidised by the Spanish... more
Recent announcements about Spanish SIP cards and contributions towards prescriptions have left residents in Spain confused. Ábaco is receiving an increasing number of enquiries about who will be... more
There has understandably been much confusion and many questions arising from the recent changes made by the Central Government to the Prescription charges which apply in Spain. The simple truth is... more
It doesn't need to be said that is no shortage of information out there concerning QROPS - Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes - and much of the advice given is very good. The problem is... more
Few people can lay claim to looking forward to visiting their Dentist, and after relocating Spain registering with a reliable and professionally qualified Dentist is often way down the list of... more
It is a rarely spoken truth that a high number of those moving overseas to start a new life, will move back to the UK due to Legal, Financial or Personal reasons after a given period of time. Not... more
It is always useful to be familiar with various words and phrases that can occur wherever and whenever you are faced with any kind of bureaucracy in Spain. You might want to print our this page and keep it with your legal documents... more
I am unavoidably absent on Voting Day so I will have to be a postal voter. What do I do?... more
Your move to Spain is complete and you’ve settled in to your new house, work and lifestyle. But what about your future here? Will you be here at retirement age, and will you be eligible for a... more
A Spanish State pension may be payable to those foreigners who have made more than the minimum social security payments required to qualify. In most cases this is 15 years. Each EU country adds... more
Unlike the UK where child benefit has been available since the 1940’s, Spain has not offered a government backed incentive for children and families until the introduction of the Baby Bonus scheme... more
The concept of a 'Common Law' marriage, or relationship is still relatively recent by Spanish standards... more
Moving abroad to a new country, whether for work or retirement, and being away from friends and family in your home country can often understandably cause many expats to have the “What if...”... more
Living and working in Spain as an Autonomo can be a costly exersize when you take into account the various taxes and contributions that you are obliged to make... more
What does it do , Why do I need one and How do I Apply for one ... more
Industry insiders love to use jargon, and often this can only serve to confuse the rest of us - here are just a few of the common terms and phrases that you may come across..... more
Global recession has hit small businesses hard, closing stores and causing job layoffs along with lots of restructuring. In one sense, this is good; companies are streamlining, and the recession is... more

The EHIC system has received much bad press of late, largely due to some changes in certain EU regulations which has effected the application and issue process – mainly effecting UK pensioners, or those who have taken early retirement and are living in Spain.more

If you already live, work or study in Spain it is likely that you will have come across the Spanish healthcare system in some form or another. Hospitals and clinics here are comparable to the best... more
For some people living in Spain, finances can be tight and the long cold Spanish winter can prove to be finacially draining, however you might be able to claim the UK Winter Fuel Allowance even... more
The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), commonly known as a European Medical Card, can be used to cover any medical treatment provided by the state that you may require due to accident or illness... more
The National Institute of Social Security (Spanish acronym is INSS) is the body that recognizes the right to Social Security Health Care. They have a network of offices throughout Spain that are... more