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Banking in Spain

Banking in Spain

Once you have made the decision to move to Spain there are a number of factors to consider concerning your financial requirements, especially if your residential status has, or is about to change.

Understandably, many expats are reluctant to burn their bridges completely with the UK and choose to retain a sterling account in the UK - but is this permitted within the terms and conditions of your existing account ? If you move to Spain on a permanent basis and become domiciled / legally resident, it may be that you need to review your requirements. Certainly, if you try to open a new account in the UK online, you are asked to confirm your residential status.

Instead you may opt to bank with a trusted and respected UK Bank who provides clients with the option to operate either a Sterling or Euro Bank Account for such eventualities. Quite often such accounts offer associated services such as life or health insurance, together with a range of flexible banking solutions. If you will be making regular international to and from your sterling account it is always recommended that you ask for a detailed list of charges so you can be aware of the true cost of transferring money to (or from) Spain.

Another consideration is to search for a Spanish Bank to take care of your Euro's. The day to day living costs such as utility bills, rent or mortgage payments and phone bills all generally require a Bank account with which to take a direct debit payment from, and unless you live close to a branch and speak a good standard of Spanish, it is a good idea to check that your chosen bank provides internet banking - in the English language. This way you can keep a close eye on your finances and see the charges that are applicable to sending or receiving money from overseas. This can be particularly useful as many utility companies in Spain can often have an annoying habit of taking irregular payments from your account without sending you prior notification.

Although many Banks - in both the UK and Spain - offer a range of associated financial services and products, such as: Life, Travel or Health Insurance ; Mortgages ; Lifetime Loans & Equity Release ; Personal Secured Loans ; Currency Exchange etc... Tumbit treats each of these services as a niche and specific product in its own right.