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Calendar Girls

By Jo Green - Thu 3rd Jan 2013

With the start of the New Year many households obviously mark this time with the hanging of a new calendar on the kitchen wall.

A collection of landscapes, pictures of fluffy kittens or photos of the kids are the usual favourites - maybe the odd offering by the local football team or some other charity.

And then of course there is the "Calendar Girls" type, popularised by the Womens Institute shenanigans which became a film a number of years back...

Just before Christmas last year, a collection of School Mums from a school in Valencia decided to take matters into their own hands in the face of escalating cuts imposed on them by the regional education system. Furthermore, the parents were also informed that funding for a much-needed school bus would be withdrawn, meaning that many of the children would be forced to walk a fair distance to and from school every day.

As such many of the Mum took it upon themselves to raise some much needed funding themselves.

The Evaristo Calatayud School Mums in Montserrat, Valencia are hoping to raise a total of 43'000 through the sales of a nude calendar in order that they could make the required purchase themselves.

Good luck to them !

I only have two concerns :

1) It sets a dangerous precedent : It's great that they are doing something positive to raise the funds themselves, but if more and more organisations take it upon themselves to do this it simply lets the Government "off the hook" - they will go on to make further reaching cuts.

2) It increases the risk that more and more of us will be bullied into buying calendars of our scantily clad neighbours to adorn our kitchen cupboards with. Not a pretty sight in many cases I shouldn't wonder !

Comment on this Blog

Posing in the nude to raise money for a school bus? once again women trivialising themselves for the sake of the grand god money:- this is the perfect opportunity to tell the system where to go and home school your kids!
Elaine - Wed, 6th Nov 2013
Sorry to disappoint Robster, not in my Village and I'm not in the habit of offering to take my clothes off at random (...any more...) Lol ! - Glad to see on yesterday's news that they managed to raise their funds though !
Jo Green - Tue, 8th Jan 2013

I think she is probably May, Robster...

.... Hell May freeze over first.

Mr Grumpy - Sun, 6th Jan 2013
You didn't say which month you were, Jo ... ?
Robster - Sat, 5th Jan 2013

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