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Sooner or later it will happen to most of us – whether you live here in Spain on a permenant basis, visiting relatives, or just here on Holida... more
Anybody that has spent time driving on Spanish roads will know of the Micro-Car, and curse them - especially when stuck behind one whilst driving on a narrow road when your'e in a rush... more
Caravaning is very British hobby, and one that is particuarly suited to the Spanish climate, however, after being here for 6 months you will need to think about legally registering your caravan in Spain... more
The law in Spain states that you are required to register your Vehicle with Spanish plates within 6 months of bringing it into the country... more
Bringing a cheap run-around over from the UK is the easy bit - but what happens when the car reaches the end of it's useful life ... more
Any new buyer of a second hand Spanish vehicle in Spain is automatically liable for the outstanding debt attached to vehicle. This could be unpaid road tax from previous years, traffic or parking... more
Naturally, and for obvious reasons, this guide only applies to the owners of used (IE: previously registered) Spanish vehicles... more
Anybody who has lived in Spain for even the shortest period of time will know that even seemingly trivial matters can become complicated minefields to navigate your way through once you scratch below the surface... more
So what do you need to know about towing a trailer in Spain and the law... more
Chances are that anybody who is reading this guide is doing so faced with a problem... more
Important Information for anybody planning on driving their British car into Spain - whether for a holiday or for a longer period... more
It is always useful to be familiar with various words and phrases that can occur wherever and whenever you are faced with any kind of bureaucracy in Spain. You might want to print our this page and keep it with your legal documents... more
In times of difficult economic conditions it is only to be expected that many families are looking at ways in which they can reduce their monthly outgoings. One such means of budgeting may be to... more
There are numerous routes you may wish to consider when you choose to drive your own car over to Spain. P&O Ferries have routes to Calais, and then a drive through France - or you my decide to... more
Driving on Spanish motorways can be surprisingly straightforward – they are nowhere near as congested as their counterparts in the UK, and this alone can often take the sting out of having to pay... more
If you have a UK photo card driving licence dating from 1997 or after (or full UK licence dating from 1990) it will be sufficient to allow you to drive legally in Spain. However, when it expires (or... more
It can be a little confusing to most newcomers to Spain, that there are three separate Police Forces that operate, with varying responsibilities... more
Over the course of the last decade tends of thousands of British Citizens have made the decision to start a new life in Spain... more
As in most Countries, learning to drive in Spain can be an expensive thing to do, with the average price for a session being around 25€ an hour - additionally you will require further classes to... more
As of November 2012 the EU introduced a new system of tyre demarcation in order to provide information concerning the environmental and safety aspects of each tyre as it rolls of the production line... more
There are a number of quirky laws relating to motoring here in Spain, and a number of these relate specifically to the tyres that are fitted on a road vehicle and the condition that they are in.... more
Information on how, as a foreigner in Spain, you can buy a new or used car. Information includes information on what forms to fill out and how to find your local traffic department (Jefatura de Trafico... more
The proceedure of selling your car in Spain is not as simple as you might think - find out how to avoid the pitfalls... more
Despite the climate, larger motorcycles are few and far between on Spanish roads, but mopeds and scooters are very popular. Indeed they can even be problematic in some Towns and Cities with their... more
The Spanish climate, way of life and fantastic scenery in many parts of the country makes owning both a motorcycle / quad bike - or even renting one whilst on holiday - an attractive consideration.... more
Along with complaints about Banks and other financial institutions; and complaints about local Town Halls, complaints about the Police rank highly amongst Non-Spaniards living in Spain and who may... more
If you are the owner of a spanish registered road vehicle, you may already know from personal experiences just how erratic the system of being awarded, and receiving fines for motoring offences can... more
Much has already been written about the importance of fitting the correct car safety seat for babies and children. This guide will assume that nobody needs to be convinced of that fact, but will... more
Generally, Car Hire companies in Spain require the driver to be at least 22 years of age– rising to 25 years for certain models of Car – and almost all companies also have an upper age limit of 65... more
Assuming you have now either legally imported your UK Car or Purchased a Spanish Car over here, you will need to familiarise your self with the law with regards to driving over here in Spain... more
Driving whilst under the effects of alcohol is something that is taken very seriously in Spain and is similar to other Countries of the EU, where the limit over which driving is an offence or the... more
Whilst it is not strictly necessary to exchange your UK Licence for a Spanish one, you may find it more convenient to do so ...... more
When moving to Spain a lot of people quite naturally weigh up the pros and cons of bringing the car that they had in the UK over with them. Sometimes the obvious thing to do is to stay away from the... more
Often confusing and sometimes amusing, Spain's law concerning crash helmets for Motorcycles, Quad Bikes and Mopeds can often leave many foreigners in the dark... more
There are many things you need to organise when you are heading off on your travels. Whether you are going on a trip for business or pleasure you need to ensure you have everything you need to hand... more
A frequent question asked by motorists of a foreign nationality in Spain is reagrds to the ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos), or the roadworthiness test of a motor vehicle in Spain, which is the... more