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Currency in Spain

Currency in Spain

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FC Exchange

Anybody sending small but regular payments back to or from the UK will know that the Bank Charges applicable and the daily exchange rate can vary considerably each and every time that you make a transaction. This not only eats into the sum to be transferred, and carries it's own procedural difficulties, but can leave you in the dark somewhat and be a hassle every time you have to nip into your local branch and stand in line to explain your requirements in detail each and every time you wish to make a payment.

A Money Transfer specialist differs from a Bank and a Currency Exchange Broker because they specialise in moving small and regular sums of Money between countries - as opposed to transferring larger sums with a Minimum Payment that can be into the Thousands, a Money Transfer specialist can accommodate your requirements for as little as a few Hundred Euros/Sterling.

Why not do it Online? Set it up just the once and that's it! You can pay your entire monthly bills and get the best rates. There is no minimum amount to transfer but if you are transferring over 1000 then there are no charges Applicable. There will be a small money transfer charge for amounts under 1000 but this is still cheaper than what high street banks charge.

Try it out first it could save you time and money. The money transfer brokers will contact you directly and once you have set up an account you can transfer money as and when you require at better transfer rates than high street banks.

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