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Catalans Vote for Independence

Mon 14th Dec 2009

The Autonomous Region of Cataluña yesterday voted for independence from Spain, but the turnout was lower than was hoped for and initially expected by the ERC and ICV Political Parties

The 166 municipalities of Cataluña had decided to vote on the referendums as to whether the region should become independent from Spain, however, the result of the vote would not be legally binding.

Almost three quarters of a million people throughout the region over the age of 16 were eligible to vote in the referendum, but even though there was a 95% yes vote, a 3.5% No Vote and 1.5% Void Vote – the 27% ( 190'000 ) turnout was disappointing and could only suggest the apathy felt for the subject overall.

It could be argued that as it was only a symbolic vote which is not legally-binding, but was supported by a number of Catalan political parties ( including ERC and ICV ) that the Catalans as a whole did not see the point in voting.

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