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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Granny 2013


Grannies... Quite possibly the most difficult people in the world to buy a Christmas present for, yet is likely to be THE MOST IMPORTANT gift you will buy this Christmas!

However, with so many of us having loved ones overseas buying on line is an obvious choice. So what exactly do you get a woman who spends her days scouring the shops for little gifts and treats for you all year long?

Well, fret no more... We've been banging heads in the office trying to get consensus on what you could, would and possibly should buy Granny this year and we all agree, this list could quite possibly save your life... Honestly!

Apple iPad, White 32GB + Wifi

An iPad for Granny??! Well, in a word YES! Think about it...

Teach her how to find recipes, knitting patterns, play games and even Skype with Aunt Mable in Australia!

Help her to put all her embarassing photos of you onto this stylish and super light device, download her favourite books as well as how to poke her friends on Face-Space at the local Royal Legion!

With it's bright, simple to use, cristal clear touch screen you'll save her the complications of a traditional computer!

Before you know it, with just a few touches from her gentle loving finger tips she'll be fighting aliens and enemies with her online gaming buddies, before watching some daytime TV in the garden with a cup of tea!

Go on... Show her you care! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Biscuits, Fudge & Preserves

Grandmothers are incredibly practical women who find great delight in the simplest and most traditional of gifts!

Most Grannies on the block love shortbread, fudge and marmalades if not jam... It's a sort of personal and reminicent thing for them...

Where possible, avoid hampers with mince pies and Christmas puddings! She's probably already got loads and won't really eat them in July when she discovers them in her cupboards!

This good, honest and reasonably priced traditional hamper of munchable goodies finds it's way to our NUMBER TWO slot for Grannies.

She'll love you for thinking of her so well! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Born in the Thirties Sweets Gift Box

What an absolutely fantastic gift to give any deserving Grandmother!

This spectacular treat will catapult her back to her early years when boiled sweets, rock and sticky sweet wrappers were all the rage!

Fantastically presented in a sturdy, era themed box, this gist will add a personal touch of class and thought to your gift hunting endeavours!

If she wasn't born in the 30's don't dispair as the same company also stocks Born in the Forties, Born in the Fifties, Born in the Sixties, Born in the Seventies, Born in the Eighties and Born in the Nineties themed boxes!

We really liked this idea in the office, so much so everyone bought one for their Grannies!

If she has a sweet tooth, she'll love this gift! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Lavender Lunar Bath Set

Face it, what Grandmother doesn't love lavender or baths...

This superb item combines both in a neat and stylish gift box and comes loaded with treats to pamper herself rotten come bathtime! and help her unwind with lavender infused soap, body wash, body scrub, cream bath foam and body lotion!

If you really want to treat her, get the lavender This Works Legs & Co Set also!

Just because Grannies love Lavender! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Aroma Home Lavender Hot Sox

Continuing on the theme of Lavender, this imaginative gift will not only keep her feet warm this winter, but also release refreshing essential lavender oils into the room.

These snug little gems are ideal for any Granny trying to keep warm whilst watching Corrie on the box!

Filled with natural Cotswold wheat grain and pure Lavender essential oils, she simply needs to pop into the microwave for 60 seconds to activate these one-size-fits-all and easily washable feet warmers!

Just the job this winter... Brrrr! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Luxury Royal Jelly Gift Set

There is something about Bees and honey for Grannies, they just love them! It's almost like a prerequisite of being a Grandmother!

This luxury gift set is aptly named a Pamper Box as it literally is a pampering session for your Gran!

Makes a refreshing change from Lavender and useful for the bath or shower!

Bringing a luxury Spa experience, in a box, to any Grandmother's home where she'll indulge herself in pure royal bliss!


The Good Granny Guide

It takes a lot of hardwork, time and effort to be good at anthing these days and being a good Granny is no exception!

Unfortunately, some Grannies just don't make the cut and need a helping hand!

This hardback edition is packed full of practical advice and even gives tips on how to become a modern Grandmother!

Author Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, a grandmother of four herself, says even the best grannies sometimes encounter difficulties. A useful guide to help any aspiring Granny!

A subtle gift for Gran you understand! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Cashmere Checked Scarf

Think about your Granny this Christmas and next time she strolls out to play bingo or wander to the shops for her lottery ticket and small bottle of rum! It's cold out there folks!

You could get her a onesie or a pepper pig winter set, but she'll probably not wear it if shes meeting Doris in the local church hall.

Make her feel special with this luxury piece of clothing she'll never want to take off!

Extremely soft, cosy and made from 100% Cashmere, she'll feel comfortable and look the absolute business!

Loads of colours! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Swaroski Crystal Pink Rose Brooch

Another thing Grannies really, really like is Crystal...

So what better way to show you really do appreciate her with this elegant Rhodium Plated Swaroski Crystal Pink Rose Brooch

Many believe that accessorising is a new thing, but Grannies have been doing it for years, long before they became Grandmother.

So getting this attractive gift for her would really elevate her pleasure guage for sometime to come!

Crystal, Crystal, Crystal! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Leonidas Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

If all else fails, CHOCOLATE !!!!

Grannies do indulge in chocolate, but more often than not it's the usual run of the mill or standard box selections from the high street.

So to make your mark with this gift, you MUST stand out and be different!

You could really stand out and get a Chocolate Fountain or a Chocolate Body Massage Kit!

Either way, it's CHOCOLATE! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES