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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Husband 2013


If you are anything like Mrs Tumbit you will know that buying for your other half is a thankless task, and that you will be lucky to get as much as a grunt of gratitude for even the most impressive of gifts.

So this year why not let Tumbit do the searching ? You can take all the credit if we hit the spot, and blame us if we get it horribly wrong. You know it makes sense...

Mens Patriotic Union Jack Slippers

Practical does not have to be boring!

Believe it not, although slippers for Christmas are very much a cliché blokes do find them incredibly useful, practical and a welcome gift!

We liked these more than others because of their stylish design and tasteful theme, much more interesting than the tacky boring rubbish he would by for himself.

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Invicta Speedway Silver Watch

Strong, Classy, Stylish.... (Remind you of anyone... ?)

Despite what he tells you, men really like wearing a good quality watch. It's a kind of status symbol, a talking point with friends and something you can tell him to keep for best occasions.

Although, in reality you know he'll wear it whilst doing the gardening in less than a few months!

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Android Tablet PC For Him

Men tend to enjoy the practical elements in gifts, so an Android Tablet PC For Him would suit him down tot he ground!

Quite often, guys just wanna send an email or simply lookup something on the internet rather than deal with the hassle of turning on a regular computer or laptop.

Likewise, if the gal in his life is hogging the computer, chances are he won't get a look in until she's gone to bed! So be practical and get him one of these... At the very least, you won't need to keep finding the newspaper in the toilet! Yuck!

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Mens Silk Tie With Spanish Flair

This is another one of those Christmas cliché gifts, but instead of a Rudolph or Santa tie this year, get him a tie with a touch of class!

This stylish alternative to a Christmas tie is made from silk and can be both a formal piece of mens atire combined with the talking point of a classy gift!

He'll look the business wearing this classy tie and have much to talk about especially if he lives in Spain and visits friends and family back in the UK or any other part of the world.

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1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die

A mans affiliation with beer is as old as time itself!

So rather than get him a much needed 6-pack, try this paperback alternative packed full of information about interesting beers he must try!

Although it's unlikely he'll be able to try them all in his lifetime, atleast after reading this book he'll have an idea about other beers on the market rather than his usual pint glass tipple at this time of year!

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WAHL Mens Rechargeable Grooming Kit

Men don't suffer from girly issues like weightloss, firm skin and appearances (much...) but one thing which is a certain passion killer for women is men with hair in all the wrong places!

So, make his life easier and drop a subtle hint in his lap this Christmas with this hair trimming kit. Although he might scoff at it to begin with, he'll certainly start to use it after a bit of encouragement.

This device is lightweight, rechargeable, portable and with a range of attachments to reach all those unsigthly places easily.

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Corsair Voyager Mini 32GB USB Keyring

FACT: Men love gadgets!

So instead of some silly executive toy for his desk this Christmas, get him this extrmely classy and desirable USB memory stick.

Boasting a simple, yet stylish design it also has a capacity to store upto 32gb of data! More than enough for all the photos of his adoring lady in his life.

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Top Gear: My Dad Had One of Those

Nothing like a good bit of nostalgia to reignite the yester-year in your fella!

This fantastically illustrated Top Gear book spans the 1950's to 1980's and celebrates the heyday of cars gone by that hold deep memories of growing up!

None of the vehicles mentioned have any resemblance to modern cars and you'd be hardpressed to find an MP3 player let alone an iPhone charger in any of them!

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Retro Spain 1970s Football T Shirt

Embracing Spanish culture also means embracing it's sporting heritage... So this Christmas get him a retro football shirt which will be the talk of all your Spanish neighbours!

But hey, if it's a matter of pride there also other retro shirts available... Retro Brazil Football Shirt, Retro Italy Footbal shirt, Retro France football shirt and a Retro West Germany football shirt. For the hardcore, there is even an Old School 1958 Manchester United F.A. Cup Final Football T-Shirt!.

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Illusion Lace Babydoll Dress Nightie

If you really want to treat him this Christmas, we'd totally recommend this one!

We're not suggesting he wears it, but if his lady chooses to, then she can certainly expect him to be putty in her hands!

This fantastic little set comes in a range of sizes and is totally designed to create the desired effect!

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