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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Sister 2013


Anyone, anywhere who has a sister knows all too well how complicated she can be when it comes to Christmas gifts for her!

Most of the team at Tumbit face the same challenge every Christmas, so this year they've pooled their extensive experience and shared it right here for you! Good luck!

Anker Astro Lipstick Power Bank

You know she can talk for an Olympic medal, so help her achieve her prized award with this handy lipstick sized emergency power backup for her beloved mobile phone.

It's super slim and stylish design fits into any purse or handbag. This emergency power device is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, HTC and even iPods! A practicle gift she'll definitely get use out of...

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Ziconia Silver Open Heart Necklace

Jewellery will always be a good safe bet as a gift for your sister. But you must make sure you get it right!

This delicate looking necklace offers stunning design mixed with the elegance of silver and a gently engraved message.

She will talk about it with friends who ask and talk about you with affection. Something she can cherish and hold dear to her heart knowing it was from you.

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Cascade Chocolate Fountain

You know she loves chocolate, what girl doesn't!

So give her a chocolate fountain, the novelty gift of the millenium, which will surely feature highly at any event she happens to be organising!

At the very least, she'll have something to soften her break-up sorrows when chocolate is the only medicine

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The Original Bagpuss

No matter how hold your sister, Bagpuss holds a special place in everyones heart!

This yawny cuddly cat is just as famous today as he was in the 1970's when he first hit the TV screens... Also available on DVD!

Your sister probably already has many soft toys lingering at the foot of her bed, so this welcome addition will no doubt take centre stage.

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Bootiful Lip Balm

Girls just love all things lip balm! Find one that doesn't!

So why not fulfill her lip balm desires with these festive novelty boot lip balms.

Designed and based on UGG boots, we're sure she'll make them centre of attention when she's next out with the girls and before you know it she'll be begging you to tell her where you bought them!

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Personalised Retro Sweets Jar

No matter how old your sister, a big jar of retro sweets personalised with her name will do just the trick this Christmas!

This special jar contains all her favourites from Refreshers, Love Hearts and Parma Violets through to Drumstick lollies, popping candy and cola bottles!

She'll be reminising her youth but guarding her fizzers!

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Candy Floss Machine

Another girly favourite is the candy floss!!

It's her first port of call when visiting the fair and the ultimate annoyance as you can't buy it anywhere else!

So solve her problem with this excellent gadget she can use anytime her sweet tooth desires it!

Fluffy pink stuff, so girly! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

thumbsUp! Zip Earphones

Add a bit of style and modern chic to her music listening tastes.

These trendy headphones come in a range of colours and eliminate the hassle of tangled wires. A comfortable custom fit with two sizes of silicone tips included. Fully compatible with all modern Smartphone devices as well as MP3 players.

Super trendy, comfortable and practical... Just like any sister should be! At the very least you won't have to put up with listening to Justin Bieber anymore!

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Random Crap Storage

Every girl needs to put their stuff somewhere and sisters are no exception!

But what about the stuff she doesn't know where to put, you know, random crap... Every girl has it and sisters seem to have loads of it!

Solve her problem this Christmas with a Random Crap Storage Box... You could go one better and get her loads of random crap to put in it!

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Ladies Velour Fleece Winter Set

If all fails then treat your sister to something really practical, stylish and incredibly warm!

It's a traditional gift to give at Christmas, but one she'll use more than you expect!

This quality Lancaster Hat, Scarf and Glove set is incredibly fashionable and boasts a thermal effect to keep her warm this winter!

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