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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife 2013


Shopping online for Christmas gifts for the Mrs can be an impossible an thankless task.

Are you running out of ideas yet ? Are you wondering if that vintage Porche Spyder she has had her eye on for some time now might still be available ?

Here are just a few ideas Tumbit has lovingly put together to spare your late night browsing :

Union Jack Ironing Board Cover

As a 'Joke', of course...

We would not so much as dare to suggest otherwise!

The guys in our office are quite well house trained and ironing forms part of their chores, so we figured getting her this trendy, stylish Union Jack Ironing Board Cover would serve a double purpose and keep the guys happy also!

At the very least it isn't as smutty as a half naked male ironing board cover...

Very classy! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

A Sexy Stocking Filler

Obviously not as a main gift...

However, whilst most guys would expect us gals to wear sexy things all the time, day or night, it is understandable that from time to time they will treat us to something along these lines...

So, guys listen up! If you must get us something like this, make sure it isn't cheap and deffinitely not slutty!

We'll wear it when you deserve! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Sekonda Ladies Twilight Pearl Watch

If you are looking to play it safe and get us something we like, then a decent, classy watch will always go down well.

We don't expect you to spend a fortune, but a cheap, rubbish catalogue reproduction will show just how little thought you've put into this one.

This Sekonda Ladies Twilight Pearl Watch is just right for the wife in your life! So this Christmas, make her feel special with this timepiece classic. A delighful gift for any special wife!

A classy gift! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Touch Screen Android Tablet Computer

Stop her from hogging your laptop...

When we say we don't want chips, we actually mean you get some chips and let me eat yours!

The same goes for your Hewlett Packard Laptop! But, if you get the gal in your life this handy Tablet PC, you are likely to get more time with your beloved laptop! If you wanne be really flash, get her an Apple iPad Mini instead!

Make sure it comes with Wifi! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Just as you guys have friends on Face-Space and WhosApp, believe it or not so do we!

So stop being cheap and get us a real phone we can use and we'll stop running up the phone bill with text messages and endless calls to other mobiles!

If you really wanna show her you care, get her an iPhone!

She'll love you more for this! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

A Kindle Fire

Jump on the badwagon and get your super wife one of these!

Most gals prefer something like this instead of a shelf full of books and a super complicated tablet pc!

Lightweight, super easy to use and a global library of books to choose from, we'll be incredibly happy with this one!

Just don't get upset if she downloads 50 Shades of Grey!

Christian Grey! Guuuush! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker

It's never a good idea to buy the wife kitchen appliances for Christmas, but this one is probably THE ONLY exception... If she could eat ice-cream all the time, she would!

Originally suggested by Dan in the office, he made a very interesting argument for it appearing in this list.

You see, it's not possible to buy and store EVERY flavour at home to suit the mood when it arrises, he said.

But, with this clever little machine she can muster up a batch of her desired flavour in as little as 25 minutes! Almost long enough for her to take a much needed soak in the tub with her Kindle Fire and 50 Shades of Grey!

Just make sure you stock up on flavour ideas too! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume

Perfume will forever be a timeless classic Christmas gift which every deserving wife loves to receive.

With so many to choose from, we decided on Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume being in this list for both value and alure factor.

But, if you are prepared to spend a little more, then deffinitely get La Vie Est Belle or Chanel No. 5!

We LUV perfume! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Nikon COOLPIX Compact Digital Camera

Women like to keep memories, especially good ones!

So show her you really care and get her a this Coolpix Digital Camera to help her keep those memories forever.

Packed full of features, she'll be able to store and share her memories with everyone, including you!

But be warned, we'll also use it to gather evidence of your bad habits and embarrass you at a later date...

Sleek and stylish! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES

Fleece Supersoft Onesies

Women seem to love them, oddly - Might as well be patriotic...

This hugely practical onesie combines super comfort, ultra warmth and patriotic honour in one!

Designed using fleece, she'll be kept snug and warm even on the coldest of winter days! Plus, you'll even save on heating bills! Boom!

Whilst she might not look the sexiest of women in one of these, she'll be comfortable and happy which is much more important right!?

It's gettin cold out there! Click here for BEST ONLINE PRICES