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Craving Spain

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 22th Aug 2013

A couple of years back my Mother popped over to Spain for one of her regular visits / inspection trips.

Typically she would stay about a week and the Mrs and I would take the time to have a few days to chill out and take her here and there so we could all have a bit of a break.

After arriving in Spain late on the Saturday, the Mother wanted to take us out for a meal to say thankyou for picking her up from the airport. We explained that as she didn’t visit us every week, it would only be fair that she chose where we went for lunch.

Maybe seafood ? : Living only 20 mins away from the Costa, and possibly the finest and freshest fish this side of Galicia would be an idea ?

Paella or Fiduea perhaps ? : Valencia being the home of Paella, where could be better to enjoy such a traditional dish ?

Possibly Putchero ? : An unusual twist on a typical Sunday lunch, and therefore not something she might enjoy every day ?

A nice Tapas bar ? : Why not try a range of different uniquely Spanish foods ?

Grilled Lamb or Rabbit maybe ? : Cooked over an open Orangewood fire - one of the rustic specialities in the many Ventas in the Mountains overlooking our town ?

Nope : The Mother explained that she had a craving for Fish and Chips.

Quite possibly the only food which is not widely available in our corner of Spain – and on the rare occasions when it is, the quality is dubious at best. Also, at home in the UK she lives within striking distance of at least 3 high quality Chippies, and can therefore enjoy a decent Chippy Tea whenever she liked – but no, she explained she had craving for Fish and Chips. Or ‘Baccalao con patatas fritas y puree de guisantes’ if you like.

I would bet my spleen that if I were to visit her in UK and suggest that we went out for a Paella for Sunday lunch she would question both my logic and my sanity. The availability of such a dish would be A) Highly unlikely and B) In the event of something being found, be both overpriced and barely edible.

So surely the same rules apply here as well ? But no, she would not be swayed.

Had she been living in Spain for 6 months I might have understood, but having only set foot off the plane 24 hours earlier and with barely 5 days until she would be back at home you would have questioned her strength of resolve, but hey, the Mrs and I set off with heavy heart and sense of foreboding to find ‘Garry Ramsdens’ or 'Fryer Tuck's'.

Frozen fish, frozen Potato ‘fries’ as opposed to chips, mushy batter and fried in olive oil does not a decent Chippy make, and the Mother actually had the temerity to be surprised when it fell below her exacting standards.

The moral of this week’s Blog ? : Don’t invite relatives to stay, I suppose.

Comment on this Blog

Great story. It is funny how us 'Brits' react to 'That foreign muck'...A couple of years ago I introduced my elderly parents to Southern Spain (at this point I should point out that they had traveled the world extensively and had lived abroad for a number of years) and like you, thought that Tapas would be a nice start to their brief trip. I ordered a range of dishes without their input or knowledge and when it arrived the reaction was, screwed up faces and gasps of "we are not eating that muck". I managed to get them try a couple of mouthfuls and departed to the mens room whilst they talked behind my back. Imagine my outburst was when I returned and they had scoffed the lot and there was nothing left for me!
Jim - Sun, 3rd Nov 2013
As always, "the son" is right - the fish and chips were indeed "crap" !!!
The Mother - Fri, 23rd Aug 2013

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