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1,785 Spanish Drivers apprehended for Drink and Drugs in 3 days

Sat 27th Aug 2016
1,785 Spanish Drivers apprehended for Drink and Drugs in 3 days

Spain’s Guardia Civil apprehended some 1,785 people for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in just three days earlier this month.

According to a statement issued by the DGT, the roadside checks were held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of August. Of the 82,136 tests held, 333 drivers tested positive for drugs and 1,452 for alcohol.

The most frequently used drugs were found to be cannabis (240 cases), cocaine (107 cases), amphetamine (65 cases), methamphetamines (44) and opiates (22).

Of the 1,452 drivers who tested positive for alcohol, 1,260 are currently undergoing legal prosecution, with 192 still being under ‘Judicial review’.

In addition, 6 drivers have been prosecuted for refusing to submit to such a test.

Legal Drink-Drive Limits

1.) General Driver – 0,5gr./l in Blood / 0.25mg/l in Breath

2.) Newly Qualified Driver – 0,3 gr/l in Blood / 0.15mg/l in Breath

3.) Professional Driver – 0.3 gr/l in Blood / 0.15 mg/l in Breath

Potential Sanctions

Alcohol :

Between 0.25mg/l – 0.50mg/l = EU500 Fine and +4 Points

Over 0.50 mg/l = EU1,000 Fine and +6 Points

Repeat Offences = EU1,000 Fine Plus 4 / 6 Points

Over 0.60 mg/l = 3-6 Months Imprisonment OR 12 Months Community Service

PLUS driving ban for 1 – 4 Years

Refusal to provide a sample = 6 – 12 Months Prison + 1 – 4 Year Ban


Driving under the influence of Drugs = EU1,000 Fine +6 Points

When Narcotics / Psycho-Active Drugs = 3 – 6 Months Prison / 1- 4 Years Ban

Refusal to provide a sample = 6 – 12 Months Prison + 1 – 4 Year Ban

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Comment on this Story

@ Alison : The stock answer on these occasions is that it is not advisable to work on 'rules of thumb' as the alcohol content of similar drinks can vary greatly, and also that different people metabolise alcohol at different rates.In other words one driver might consume 1 glass of wine and be over the limit whereas another might drink 2 and be legally ok to drive.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 29th Aug 2016
How do these values equate to amount of Alcohol consumed - IE 1or 2 Glasses of Wine ?
Alison Ryan - Sun, 28th Aug 2016

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