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Divorced couple to 'rotate' parenting responsibilities

Source: El Pais - Wed 4th May 2011

A Judge in a Seville court has ruled that a divorced couple must alternate occupany of their home, whilst looking after their children - in effect granting the children permenant ownership and occupancy of the property.

Under the terms of the judgement, one parent will live in the home to look after the children for a 3 month period, while the other lives elsewhere, but still have the right to see the children in agreement with the other parent, and after 3 months roles will be exchanged.

The Judge arrived at the decision following an evaluation by a psychosocial team, calling it "the best parenting model in view of the family's concurrent circumstances." He added that "both mother and father are providing personal, family and social resources to adequately cover the material and emotional needs of their children" and that "they feel connected affectionately and protected and safe" with one parent as much as the other.

The three-month periods will coincide with each phase of school evaluation, with the mother staying with the children until the end of the present school year and the father taking over at the start of the next school year in September.

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