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El Hierro : Volcano cone has 12 Mln Cu Mt capacity

Thu 27th Oct 2011

Scientists from the oceanographic research vessel 'Ramon Margalef' have completed their mapping of the seabed surrounding the volcanic eruption on El Hierro, and are prpearing to deploy their research submarine to relay images of the fissure to the surface for further analysis.

The underwater cone, which was discovered on Monday, has an estimated capacity of 12 Million cubic meters and could produce a volume of 40 Million Cubic Meters of magma, and with a flow of lava over several Km with a volume of 2 Million Cubic Meters - a significant amount given that the eruption only began on the 9th Oct.

The new cone lies some 300 meters below the surface and has a base diameter of 700 meters, a height of 100 meters and with a crater width of about 120 meters. The lava becomes solid once it comes into contact with the cool seawater, forming a crust on the surface, but remaining liquid inside, and moving slowly across the seabed until the inside of the trail eventually cools and solidifies.

The role of the reserach scientists on the surface is to gather the information and relay it to the PEVOLCA commitee and the National Geograhic Institite (IGN).

Further analysis will follow in 3 phases : the remotely operated submarine will take high resolution images of the eruption; a Sled will be used to take further images from different altitudes and angles; and finally, the water / gas colum eminating from the eruption will be analysed. The results of which are expected to be known by early next week.

An interesting post on Youtube this morning (if you have 15 mins to spare ! ) which probably explains why so many North Americans are concerned about the current situation in the Canary Islands (Tumbit Note : Notice that the clips jump between discussing predictions on both El Hierro AND La Palma) >>>

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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