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El Hierro 'landmass' just 70mts from surface

Tue 8th Nov 2011

Spain's National Geographic Institute (IGN) who are observing the volcanic eruption off the town of La Restinga, on the southern coast of the Island, have reported further changes to the underwater phenomena.

Over recent days the bubbles on the surface above the fissures have changed to produced columns of steam, volcanic gases, lava and ash, thrown an estimated 20 mts into the air.

Yesterday scientists revealed that the water surrounding the eruption had been measured at 11 degrees higher than the average water temperature for coastal waters around the rest of the island.

Meanwhile, Scientists onboard the Ramon Margaleff Oceanographic research vessel have estimated that the solidifying mass of magma rising from the fissure erupting on the ocean floor is just 70mts away from reaching the surface.

As far as the northern coast of the island is concerned, the increase of seismic activity over recent days has heightened fears that a further eruption may occur around the epicentres of the many earthquakes, to the north of Frontera.

For all the Scientists, researchers, Military and Emergency personnel on the island, together with their many resources, there is still little information forthcoming with regards to what is happening on the island - or about to happen.

The Youtube clip demonstrates the force of the activity currently occurring off the coast of La Restinga >>>

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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