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Report shows sexual inequality in Spanish benefit payments

Fri 2th Dec 2011
Report shows sexual inequality in Spanish benefit payments

Benefit payments made to Spanish women are on average 4.50 Euros per day lower than those made to unemployed men.

Spain´s Economic and Social Council (CES) has released a detailed study into the payment of benefits, which has shown a marked disparity and discrimination between the sexes.

The national average payment for men stands at 29.83 Euros per day, however the payment made to women falls to an average of just 25.34 Euros. This difference (4.49 Euros) widens further still when it comes to comparing payments made between the sexes in the over 55 age group, growing to 6.60 Euros.

However, this inequality also stretches to payment of other benefits, such as the state pension.

According to 2010 data, the average female pensioner receives 597.21 euros on average per month, whilst a male would receive an average of 971.92 euros.

The CES report concludes that : "Sexual segregation in the workplace means that women earn less and consequently have lower benefits when they are either unemployed or retired."

The study also points out that just 9% of the 300,000 pensioners who receive a monthly pension greater than 2,000 euros in 2010, are were women.

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