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Support for PP slides following Spain bailout

Sun 17th Jun 2012
Support for PP slides following Spain bailout

A recent poll of public opinion has shown how support for the PM is dwindling following last week's bailout.

The survey, conducted by Sigma Dos early last week, revealed how 43% of Spaniards view the right-wing Partido Popular government unfavourably, compared to just 22.4% in January ofn this year.

A similar poll, undertaken by Metroscopia, showed how 47% of Spaniards consider the bailout to be a negative move, whilst 40% believe it be a poitive one.

Overall, support for the PP has slid by 5.5%, with the left-wing Izquierda Unida and Union Progreso y Democracia together gaining 4.6% between them.

The 1'000 Spaniards surveyed by Sigma Dos also contributed to Rajoy's fall in support to his handling of the current financial crisis.

A overwhelming 92% of those surveyed were also in favor of creating a commission in Parliament to investigate the contraversial failed nationalization of Bankia.

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