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How to Register on the Padron

- Updated: 04/12/2012
How to Register on the Padron

When you move to a new area in Spain you must register on the Padrón at the town hall as soon as possible. This is similar to the electoral role, but has much wider useage in Spain than in the UK

The town council receives a certain amount of government funding for each person registered on the Padrón. This means they have more money to spend on facilities and services for residents.


Registration for the Padrón takes place at the town hall (el ayuntamiento). You don't usually need an appointment, although be prepared to wait if there is a queue.

All your family should be registered if they are resident in Spain, this includes children under 18.

You will need the following documents and will be asked to complete a registration form:

  • Passport (As with all Legal & Financial matters in Spain, it is adviseable to keep multiple copies of everything !)
  • Proof that you live here (Take a copy of your escritura, or your Rental agreement)
  • NIE - Not strictly necessary, but take a copy if you have it

Once you are registered on the Padrón you will be able to:

  • Vote in the local elections (make sure the town hall has your post office box address if you have one, to ensure you receive your voting card)
  • Register your children at school
  • Register with your local medical centre
  • Buy a car

The process is usually very quick and simple and won't cost you anything there and then (Although it will mean that you will be liable to pay local Taxes - once per year around May, but these are considerably less than than the local Taxes in the UK)

Comment on this Article

Steve : Being legally Resident in Spain (Which you are required to do once you intend to, or have been living in Spain for a period of 90 days) and signing on the Padron are 2 completely different matters. The Padron is essentially beneficial to the Home owners if they need to obtain services such as Water or Electric for their property, and to purchase a car. From a Homeowners perspective - and assuming that they have no plans to purchase a vehicle and are already contracted with utilities - it is of little benefit to them other than entitlement to register an intention to vote in the local elections, and for the Town Hall themselves to claim a higher level of funding from the regional authorities.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 25th Oct 2012
Hi I found the article very interesting, although I know of many people who have holiday home in Spain and are still unsure as to the legal requirement of obtaining a pardon. Many people who are not resident in Spain but own a holiday home and live here for a few weeks in the year, enrol on the pardon because they are told it’s the thing to do i.e. to buy a car. As far as I can see, resident in Spain means this is your primary residence? Not just a holiday home. Perhaps you could clarify the (Proof that you live here) as I am sure it would be of use to many. Regards Steve Calssico
Steve Classico - Thu 25th Oct 2012
As far as I am aware the Padron is NOT publically accessible, ie. there is no website that you can go to to see, and I'm sure it is not possible to just walk into the town hall and get the list... However different town halls have different policies. What usually happens is that around election time is a list of eligible voters is posted on the notice board in the town hall, showing which people registered on the Padron. My guess is that under the freedom of information act, it might be possible that you could request the padron list, but not certain how data protection plays a part, but the same issue would apply to the electoral list in the UK which we both know is publically available... for a price!
Beachbabe - Thu 27th Oct 2011
Can members of the public check the Padron ?
Virginia Halstead - Fri 21st Oct 2011
Monica, most expats will tell you that few things go exactly as planned when you are trying to settle into a new lie in Spain. However, you are doing the right thing by reading up on procedures which will certainly enable you to be prepared and react any obstacles you may come up across. - Suerte !
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 22th Nov 2010
Thank you for the information, I certainly will need legal assistance. I have noted the telephone details. I have enjoyed the articles in the guides - so much to absorb, that my file of printed articles is growing fast and furious. Hope the end result will prepare me for a smooth transition.
Monica - Mon 22th Nov 2010
Monica, you could try Poveda-Hayes, who are a team of British/Spanish lawyers experienced with 'expat issues', based in the City centre on 963 530 196. - If you click on the "Taxes" section of our "How To..." guides ( Left column, towards top of page ) you may find some useful information about Taxes.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Thanks for the quick reply - Valencia City. Any idea of local taxes? If not, I will soon find out. Where are you based? Thanks, Monica
Monica - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Monica, can you please give us an idea of where in the region of Valencia you are so we can help recommend a Gestor that is as local as possible to you ?
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Please recommend a gestor for assisting with registering with the local Padron in Valencia, as my Spanish is basic and will need assistance with any forms, and interpretation. Also a guideline of local taxes. This all helps with drawing up a budget. Any other tips are more than appreciated. Many thanks, Monica
Monica - Wed 17th Nov 2010