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Growth at last at Castellon Airport (although not the kind we were hoping for)

Sun 17th Jun 2012
Growth at last at Castellon Airport (although not the kind we were hoping for)

At least one side of operations is booming at Castellon airport.

It has been reported that the wild rabbit colony living in and around the airfield has grown over the last 12 months to reach an estimated 4'000 in number, representing a serious risk to the safety of airplanes using the facility.

As such the Falconry company tasked last year with controlling the rodent population around the airport has been forced to increase their number of working birds to 22.

In addition to representing a risk to aircraft, the rodents are also causing damage to fences and causing problems by burrowing underneath the runway and other structures.

The prey will be sent to the Coto de Doņana country park where they will help to feed the Lynx population.

Comment on this Story

Peter, the 450k euro Falconry contract placed at the airport (click HERE) was for (I believe) 6 Birds plus their operators and, as far as I understand, the lack of aircraft at the airport has encouraged a population growth of the rabbits - something that wasn't originally accounted for !
Tumbit - Admin - Wed, 20th Jun 2012
How many birds did they have last year,and why did they fail to keep the rabbit population down?Who is paying for these extra falcons?Save the rabbits,and put them on the menu when the airport opens!
Peter Beighton - Wed, 20th Jun 2012
That's the first and only time Castellon airport will ever have 4'000 visitors at the same time !
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 18th Jun 2012
The Power of the Bunny!
Mick Costa Blanca - Mon, 18th Jun 2012

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