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Corvera Airline Deadline Slips Again, Airline Confirms Interest

Sun 31st Aug 2014
Corvera Airline Deadline Slips Again, Airline Confirms Interest

Manuel Campos - the Regional Minister of Development, Works and Planning, by now all too well-known for his inability to avoid giving a deadline on any given regional project - has given a an interview to a Spanish Radio station, where he has once again confirmed that "Corvera Airport could open as soon as April 2015".

The news comes less than a month after the very same Manuel Campos suggested that the Airport would be operational in March 2015.

The Regional Government of Murcia has stated on a number of occasions recently how the operation of the facility will overlap with that of San Javier Airport, which is expected to close some time during 2016, once state-owned AENA have been fully compensated for the EU75 Mln they have invested in the smaller, older airport over recent years.

Elswhere last week, Spain's Iberia-Air Nostrum Airline confirmed that they "would be interested" in establishing routes to and from Corvera Airport.

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Comment on this Story

Totally agree Lucinda - also, in addition to being 'flight ready' they seem to have overlooked the fact that Corvera is not yet recognised on any international flight schedules for 2015, nor has any Airline made a firm commitment to fly there.
Robster - Thu, 4th Sep 2014
I suppose Corvera Airport could physically be opened at anytime. Flight readiness is another matter. There must be a lot of equipment that has stood idol for years without being serviced. Some equipment will be obsolete and need replacing. I would also guess that the aircraft trials would need revalidation due to lapse in time. There is going to be a huge cost in getting the airport fit for purpose again, which I doubt has not been thought about as the concern is with solving the existing loan issues.
Lucinda Castiles - Mon, 1st Sep 2014
After so many missed deadlines and false promises about Corvera Airport over the years, you would have thought that the regional government of Murcia would be a little guarded about making such ridiculous claims.
C Shaw - Mon, 1st Sep 2014

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