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Polls show PP 15 pct clear of PSOE

Source: El Pais - Sun 16th Oct 2011

The ruling PSOE party is heading for a crushing defeat at the hands of the PP opposition in the forthcoming General Election according to opinion polls published in El Pais this morning.

The poll shows how, if election were to be held today instead of in five weeks time, the PP would take 45.5% of the vote with the PSOE taking just 29.7%.

The left wing Izquierda Unida (IU) would take 7.6% vote with the remaining percentage being distributed among smaller groups and the various regional nationalist parties.

If the right-wing maintain their lead they would take between 180-190 seats in Parliament, with the PSOE having between 115-120, which would be enough to give the PP an overall majority and mean they would not need to pact with any other parties.

The most worrying news for the PSOE is that Rubalcaba's pre-campaign appearances and declarations have done nothing to stop his party's slide in the polls, with the PSOE losing popularity since August 2010.

However, the popularity of PP has improved over the same period, when 41.3% of Spaniards claimingthat they will vote for them at the coming elections.

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