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El Hierro : Volcano eruptive phase ends !

Tue 6th Mar 2012

PEVOLCA - The Scientific Committee of Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk - who have been monitoring the seismic and volcanic activity on the Island of El Hierro yesterday confirmed that the underwater eruption that has developed since October off the southern coast of the island has now ended, according to a statement released by the Regional Government of the Canary Islands.

However, this indicates that just the 'eruptive phase' has ended, and not the volcanic activity as a whole.

Activity on the island first began on the 17th of July when a series of small earthquakes grew into what scientists call a "swarm", numbering as many as 50 seperate activities per day, and now numbering in excess of 12'000.

In October an underwater eruption began off the southern coast of the island, where the production of volcanic gases caused residents of the town of La Restinga to be evacuated for a number of days.

As the activity progressed Oceanic researchers studied the immediate area and the seabed and observed the production of a 'Stain' in the area around the vents, together with a 'jacuzzi' formed by the gases bubbling to the surface and later the production of pyroclastic rocks which floated on the surface of the water.

The Youtube clip attached shows images captured by the 'Aqua y Terra' research satellite, which depicts the production of the greenish-blue stain during October / November of last year >>>

Scientists will continue to monitor the changes to the underwater volcano, whose cone has now grown from being more than 300mt below the surface of the las Calmas bay to just 88mt. Scientists and enthusiasts have noted that this 'Surtseyan' activity is similar to than seen in Iceland 30 years ago when volcanic activity resulted in a new 'Island' rising from the seabed.

Read previous news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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