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Spain Pension reform takes effect from today

Source: El Mundo - Tue 1st Jan 2013
Spain Pension reform takes effect from today

Spain's pension reform, which raises the age of retirement from 65 to 67 between now and 2027 takes effect today. The increase will be made incrementally, at the rate of 1 month per year for the first 6 years, and then at 2 months per year for the remaining 9 years.

This reform was written into law in the summer of 2011, which set the date when the increases would start as 1st January 2013.

The maximum number of years of contributions in order to qualify has also increased from 35 to 37 years.

The reform also maintains 15 years as being the minimum period of contributions in order to qualify for a 50% reduced pension, whist 22 years of contributions will be required in order to qualify for 100%.

There are a small number of exceptions to the Pensions reform - for example a worker who has made 38.5 years of contributions may retire before the age of 67 on a full pension, however this too will be phased in / out incrementally.

Comment on this Story

Hi, I have 19 years paid contributions in the UK, and already 19 years of paying in Spain, I am still paying into the system in Spain, when I am of pensionable age I would have a combined total of 42 years, 19 in the UK and 26 in Spain, could you please tell me what pension I will receive please?
Tina Cackett - Tue, 15th Mar 2016
Hello, I will reach pension age 2018 and will not have more than 20 years contributions here. I have worked in Wweden and also in Spain - will they take this into account to qualify the years that are missing, 15 in total ?
Toni Marshall - Tue, 28th Jan 2014
what is the rate of the spanish pension for a joint couple> i.e the english rate is to go up to ?150 each soon,so me and my husband have worked for over 40 yrs each, if each country adds up your contributions can we claim the spanish pension if we were to retire to spain for example? how does this work?but if britain is not part of the e.e how does this also affect us?
Sandra Howard - Mon, 30th Dec 2013
My husband has paid In the Spanish System for 17 years He stopped paying 4 years ago Due to an accident is he still entitled to his Spanish pension?
Carol Frewin - Wed, 18th Dec 2013
Thanks. But what happens in this case. I will start receiving the UK state pension before the Spanish one - in the case of the UK, according to the government, 7000 pounds per year. Will the Spanish contribution push this up but at a later date?
John Gardner - Mon, 25th Nov 2013
John : Yes. Assuming you have worked legally in Spain in the past, and paid the appropriate contributions, this is taken into account when you receive your final Pension forecast statement from the DWP in the UK.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 24th Nov 2013
Useful information. Here is a question: what if you have paid for 10 years into the Spanish system - can you then ask the Spanish goverment to transfer this "value" to the UK to improve your UK state pension?
John Gardner - Sun, 24th Nov 2013

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