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Corvera Airport : Anniversary of first test flight

Sat 27th Apr 2013
Corvera Airport : Anniversary of first test flight

This weekend marks the first anniversary of the arrival of the first test flight to land at Murcia's Corvera Airport.

The tests were a requirement stipulated by the joint Ministries of Defence and Development, and in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The flights were overseen by AENA, who monitored the radio, radar and navigation systems for aircraft when taking off and landing at the airport from a number of different heights and headings.

Just weeks after the conclusion of the flights it was revealed how reclassification of the airspace surrounding the airport - together with the compensation negotiations between Aeromur and AENA for the closure of San Javier - remain the only stumbling block preventing the operation of the newer airport.

Yet as of today - 12 months after test flights at the facility began - there is still no news as to when Corvera Airport might open.

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Comment on this Story

As mentioned, I also think that Paramount and Corvera is linked? When will we see traction on any or both these two projects? 12 months is quite a long time for no update, no news, no nothing. Since the airport doesn't require foreign investment to get started and get off the ground, why has nothing happened so far since the airport is all ready?
Corey - Wed, 1st May 2013
Last month I was at San Javier airport and asked the car hire company and police about the opening of Corvera, but got the shrug. Someone told me Corvera was recruiting staff, but rumours abound, I am sure that Paramount and Corvera are linked, but at the moment nothing is happening any of them.
Geoff Buxton - Wed, 1st May 2013
Due to the time lapse, i'm sure all of the test flights will need to be undertaken again.
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 1st May 2013
Maybe its a case of Corvera waiting see what happens with the Paramount theme park ? Maybe Paramount are waiting to see what happens at Corvera ? Maybe they should both talk to each other ?
Tyler - Sun, 28th Apr 2013

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