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How to Complain about your Town Hall in Spain

How to Complain about your Town Hall in Spain

Alongside complaints about Banks in Spain, complaints about Ayuntamiento and Town Hall administration are perhaps the most common quibbles by all non-Spanish residents.

However, as with the Banking and Financial sector, there is a formal procedure in place where an official complaint can be made.

The public body responsible for this is called the “Defensor del Pueblo”.

Who ?

Article 54 of the Spanish Constitution establishes that the Defensor del Pueblo Ombudsman shall be regulated by the high commissioner of Parliament, and be responsible for the “Defence of basic rights, and authorised to supervise the activities of Public Administrations”.

The regulation, responsibilities, and authority of the Defensor del Pueblo are laid down by Organic Act 3/1981, and state that the institution should be elected by members of Parliament for a five-year period and work completely independently of any other government body.

How ?

Anybody can make a complaint about any perceived wrongdoing, provided it is made within 12 months of the date of the offending incident.

The complaint can be formally submitted online with a few basic contact details (Name, Address, Postcode, NIE) together with 4000 Characters of text to describe the nature of the complaint, and can be accompanied by up to file additional digital files.

However, this complaint can only be submitted in Spanish, and must be submitted with a Digital Signature.

If and when you have persisted with your complaint, and managed to submit the document, you will then receive an e mail with a unique confirmation reference. This basically acknowledges that your details are in the system, and you can also chose to chase your complaint along by calling Tel : 914 327 900 should you need to do so – again, this service is only offered in Spanish.

Further information on this service can be gained by calling Tel : 900 101 025, or by clicking on the link >>HERE<< .

Comment on this Article

for :Property scams practised by what appears to be an unlicensed agents increasing the price of a house above that agreed with the owner and pocketing the difference also Bringing foreign investors in to seperate rooms in the notary to carry out this fraudulent practice The estate agent on La R?bita beach front bracently carries out this practice there appears to be no authorities stopping it so what powers would ombudsman have if what appears to be a corrupted world
Lisa - Fri 23rd Nov 2018
My problems with the Ayuntamiento , Murcia is in the hands of the Ombudsman, as it is so far I am being prevented from selling my house, a vendetta against my wife and a I because of my involvement last year and previous years of the illegal proceedings within the Town hall, Murcia. Twice have the EU Ombudsman have denied me any investigation and covered up their wrong doing.
Steven Morris - Fri 6th Nov 2015
my wife and I have had many problems in Spain with the Ayuntamiento of Murcia. We have had our house recently stopped from selling with the constant excuses for delays including a fast track train passing the wall of my house, a nine month delay in receiving a certificate, an accusation that the roof and house has been restored. Before this threats to my life at the front of the house, bills strewed across my patio, a car driven at me riding a bike last year shortly after a night caller and my house burgled for the first time in ten years and letters telling me to go home back to England. I have written a book after years of intimidation and harrassment and demands for money and also extortionate amounts of money demanded by the Town hall.
Steven Morris - Wed 4th Nov 2015
The Gov't website advised is happy to show all information in English, but will not actually accept compaints in English ? They might aswell go the whole way and just state that no non-Spaniard need bother complaining !
C Timpson - Sat 23rd Mar 2013