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Murcia's San Javier Airport "to close within 6 months of Corvera opening"

Sun 25th Jan 2015
Murcia's San Javier Airport 'to close within 6 months of Corvera opening'

On Saturday the Regional Government of Murcia met in Madrid with representatives of AENA and the Ministry of Works , where all parties agreed that Murcia's San Javier Airport would close within 6 Months of the opening of Corvera Airport.

Whilst the State-run airports operator agreed in principal, they suggested that the exact times to be subject to the approval of the appropriate technical departments.

The meeting coincided with the development of the new contract for the operation of Corvera airport, along with the annulment of the contract between the regional government and the former concession holder, Aeromur.

The meeting was attended by the region's directors of Public Works and Finance, Francisco Bernabé and Francisco Martínez Asensio, and the legal representative of the region of Murcia, Francisco Ferrer.

Secretary of State for Infrastructure and President and CEO of AENA, José Manuel Vargas also attended the meeting, which followed a previous Cabinet meeting which saw the approval of the partial privatization of the state-run Airport operator.

The decision taken to close San Javier Airport within 6 months of Corvera opening was welcomed by Murcia's President Garre, due it's importance in making the operation of Corvera more attractive to potential new Managers of the airport. Concerns were that with an existing and long-established Airport offering civilian flights within 20 Miles of Corvera, any new operator would be worried that Airlines would be reluctant to change their schedules accordingly.

Furthermore, it would be desirable for the operators of the new airport to 'inherit' the existing passenger numbers from San Javier.

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Comment on this Story


George :

San Javier > Alicante = 89.5km (via AP-7)

Corvera > Alicante = 92.5km (via E-15)

San Javier > Corvera = 37.6km (via RM19)

The argument over additional Toll charges / where exactly your journey begins opens up a whole new debate also !

Tumbit - Admin - Tue, 10th Mar 2015
Great news
John - Tue, 10th Mar 2015
how far is Corvera airport from San Javier and how far is Alicante from San Javier?
George J - Tue, 10th Mar 2015
Stupid stupid decision.If San Javier closes then I & many people will simply transfer to Alicante .Really silly decision to open new airport in the middle of nowhere but then what can you expect from foolish politicians .
Bryan - Mon, 9th Mar 2015
You and everyone else Paul : Cheaper; easier to access from almost everywhere in Murcia; more flights & airlines to chose from (probably)... Corvera is a waste of everybodies time, and the region's Money !
Tyler - Thu, 5th Feb 2015
If San javier closes, then im afraid I will take my custom to alicante!!!
Paul Sumner - Mon, 2nd Feb 2015
Yeah, yeah... whatever.
Robster - Mon, 26th Jan 2015

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