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Brit Paedophile Murderer in Spain : UPDATE

Source: The Link Paper - Sat 14th Feb 2015
Brit Paedophile Murderer in Spain : UPDATE

A British Punjabi man Devinder Kainth has been charged with homicide for killing a pedophile named Sandro Rottman. The pedophile had been filming Devinder's daughter which led to an altercation.

Rottman, 43, who was arrested over child pornography a few days before his death, allegedly beaten by the 40-year-old Kainth after catching the pedophile filming his daughter on his iPad while eating at a Spanish restaurant with his partner Gemma Hawkins.

Kainth was having a family meal at a restaurant in exclusive Sotogrande, on the Costa del Sol in Spain, when he confronted Rottman. The millionaire, a keen boxer, hurled the iPad to the ground before punching the German, who died in hospital of his injuries, reported London's Daily Mail Newspaper.

Kainth was arrested and is being held at high security Botafuegos Prison, in the southern port of Algeciras.

His partner Gemma Hawkins, 31, the mother of his daughter and two sons, has been interviewed by police. There was no sign of her last night at their home or at the £8,000-a-year school of two of the children. Miss Hawkins, from Kent, was described as a ‘blonde bombshell' who ‘turned heads'.

The millionaires' playground of Sotogrande is known for its large houses and golf courses such as the world-famous Valderrama Club. It is a favourite of former prime minister Tony Blair as well as the Duchess of York and her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

The head chef at the Spinnaker restaurant where the incident took place is Austrian Philip Hannig, who spent a year training under Gordon Ramsay.

Yesterday, details emerged of the attack on Saturday night. The owner of the Spinnaker restaurant told the Mail: ‘After an afternoon of friendly chatter, the British man suddenly told his family to leave.

‘Devinder looked at Sandro's iPad and found pictures of his family which had been taken earlier that evening. He was shouting: "Why have you taken these?" Suddenly he told his family to get out of the bar. Five seconds later he hit Sandro so hard he fell to the floor. I think this knocked him out, or at least dazed him.

‘Then Devinder went crazy and started hitting Sandro. He must have hit him at least 20 times in the face and head.

‘[Sandro] had blood gurgling from his mouth. He was choking and struggling to breathe. He also had a big lump on the side of his head – no other visible cuts – just this big lump.

‘Then he was unconscious like he was in a coma. The waitress started screaming for help. We were all shaking and trembling. When [Devinder] ran out of energy, he calmly got up and walked out the door.'

A staff member who watched CCTV footage of the incident said: ‘He dragged him along the floor like a dog.'

A worker at the nearby El Octogono Beach Club said the worrying Twitter photo was taken at its children's pool.

The barman, who asked not to be named, said the girl was the daughter of Britons who spend every summer there.

Of Rottman, a web designer, he said: ‘He had a drink problem and would get through up to three bottles of vodka a day. He's been banned for the past year because he ran up a huge bill. He'd fallen on hard times after making a lot of money during the boom years in Spain when he was spending £50 a day on drink. He drank vodka and orange juice.

‘He dressed well in smart trousers and a blazer even in the hard times. He was always on his own and always on his computer because that was how he made his money, but I never saw him misbehaving.'

Rottman is said to have once been so drunk he fell into the sea and had to be rescued. He limped and is said to have been treated for a liver problem.

Kainth is a gym fanatic who worked out on most days and did gruelling Crossfit classes. He has a three-bedroom house in the area and once owned a supermarket in nearby Casares, but it has closed, sources said.

A neighbour said: ‘The last time I saw him and his partner here was last August. They had an argument round the pool one day. I couldn't understand what they were saying but he seemed very aggressive. His girlfriend left in tears and started throwing his clothes out of the window.'

The couple were said to be well known in the resort for their ‘matching his-and-hers black and white Range Rovers' and their expensive spending habits.

A witness described estate agent Kainth as 'short and stocky' and ‘a very well prepared fighter, possibly a kick boxer.' Ms Hawkins is also believed to be a fitness fanatic like her partner.

The family moved to Sotogrande full-time a year ago, although apparently they have been going to the resort for years.

They previously had a house in Casares, another resort nearby, according to a friend.

Kainth was identified by witnesses and police arrested him at his nearby home.

The girl's father approached the man after seeing him filming with a tablet device, a source with the Civil Guard police force in Algeciras said.

He appeared before a magistrate on Monday and was remanded in custody accused of homicide.

The Spinnaker owner added: ‘The German man is very normal. I knew nothing about him being arrested last month.'

But the manager of another restaurant in Sotogrande said: ‘The German Sandro had a bad reputation locally and was banned from various bars.

‘He owed money in various places and walked with a limp and was quite an odd fellow.'

He added: ‘As I understand it, he was in there with his iPad and taking pictures of people in the bar.

‘[Mr Kainth] was looking through the photos on the tablet and saw photos of his children.

‘Then he went further back and saw pornographic pictures of other children and just went crazy. He punched him to the ground.'

A police spokesman said: ‘The incident happened because of a video the victim had been recording of the British man's daughter.

‘He snatched the tablet he was using and when he discovered there were images of his daughter on it, threw it to the ground and assaulted him.'

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘We stand ready to provide consular assistance if requested.'

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