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Crime Pays (In Spain at least)

By Mr Grumpy - Fri 8th Nov 2013

Even the most basic of students of the English language will be familiar with the idiom "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime".

Not being much of a linguist, I always just assumed that other languages would have their equivalent of the same phrase, but it would seem that in Spain at least, this does not always ring true.

Apparently, in Spain being caught and officially charged with 'doing the crime', has no relationship whatsoever with having to 'do the time'.

Take the news of the last 7 days alone as an example :

* In the last 7 days the Audenica Nacional approved the release of 9 ETA Terrorists. (And, yes, I am going to take the bold step of referring to any group who willfully and deliberately kills over 400 innocent people as terrorists - not 'Militants' and definitely not 'Activists' or 'Freedom Fighters' as many members of the press choose to do). This follows the decision to release another of their members last month after a ruling by the European Court of Human Wrongs that their rights to freedom had been infringed. Let's just sweep the tiny matter of the rights of the people they blew to smithereens under the carpet, shall we ...

* On Thursday a member of the far-right group "Grapo" - imprisoned for the Kidnap of a Spanish businessman in 1995 - was released. The vicitim was also murdered, despite the 2 Mln ransom being paid to the group. Antonia Teijelo was released from prison "on health grounds". Apparently Murderers with a bout of flu need our compassion now.

* Last Month the National Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, approved the Pardon of a Motorist who caused the death of a young man after deliberately driving the wrong way down a Valencia motorway. The Motorist had served just 10 Months of a 13 year term, and paid a fine of just 4'000. Only a cynic would mention the 'coincidence' that Gallardon's Son worked for the legal practice representing the accused. Fortunately, in this case the Supreme Court intervened to overturn the pardon.

* The decision of the courts to drop their investigation into the involvement of 22 Employees of the Spanish Rail Infrastructure company, ADIF, left just the driver of the derailed Galicia train to face all charges alone. Yes, maybe he was speeding and maybe he was reckless, but surely there was some higher body negligent of not ensuring the correct safety measures were in place on that particular stretch of track ?

Yet the authorities continue in their pursuit of levying ridiculous punishments on Motorists who persist in the heinous crimes of driving whilst shirtless, being a 'looky looky man' or being unable to pay your outstanding taxes. The Moral ? If you are intent on breaking the law in Spain, best make it a big one : at least that way you stand a chance of getting away with it.

Comment on this Blog

ABSOLUTELY! There appears to be no such thing as JUSTICE in Spain!
Chris - Tue, 31st Jan 2017
Law and Justice are distinctly different animals in Spain (as in so many countries.) So much is totally incongruous it makes for incredulous laughter over dinner . But it has deeper and more insidious implications for everyone. Responsible citizens need to wake up and demand a serious review of what is jokingly called justice here. Less toytown and fewer excessive fines for nonsense would be a start. Get the real offenders.
Christine Ferguson - Thu, 16th Apr 2015
And now it seems that Princess Cristina has joined the ranks of the absolved...
Tyler - Fri, 15th Nov 2013
It just makes a mockery of the entire legal system. Especially when the Minister for Justice himself is involved. What a joke !
Robster - Sat, 9th Nov 2013

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