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Rajoy in seatbelt blunder

Mon 2th Aug 2010

Mariano Rajoy, leader of the P.P, has made a public apology after being caught not wearing his seatbelt on a video clip taken as he took a journey on his holidays.

Jorge Moragas, Rajoy's assistant, issued the apology on behalf of the opposition party leader, who was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle in question at the time.

A Spokesman for the Dirección General de Tráfico called it a "serious offence" to travel without a sestbelt, and it usually attracts a fine of 150€, with the loss of three points for the driver of the vehicle.

Moragas claimed that Rajoy is normally "meticulous about obeying safety measures, especially where children's safety is concerned". "We should all obey the rules" he continued. "People's lives are just too valuable".

The video clip of the PP leader without his seatbelt was posted on Facebook, showing Rajoy waving goodbye to his constituents as he left for his summer break in Galicia.

The PP has already suffered an earlier road safety ebarrassment this year, when PP deputy Ignacio Uriarte was involved in a crash in the centre of Madrid and was subsequently found to be over the limit. Uriarte, whose case is being handled by the High Court, was forced to resign from his position on the Commission for Road Safety.

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