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Motorways & Tolls in Spain

- Updated: 16/01/2013
Motorways & Tolls in Spain

Driving on Spanish motorways can be surprisingly straightforward – they are nowhere near as congested as their counterparts in the UK, and this alone can often take the sting out of having to pay for the privilege of using them.

Additionally the Service stations seem to be a little confused. Has nobody told them that they are supposed to be smelly and dirty places where the food and drink (not to mention petrol) are dramatically overpriced and of questionable value? It seems not – instead the prices seem to differ very little from in regular Café’s and Bar’s and the fayre offered is actually served warm, resembles food, and is edible.

Once foreign drivers using Spanish motorways can get over the obstacle of having to pay to use them they will find many that they have many advantages : Better quality and cheaper service stations; less congestion; FREE access to motorways around major Towns and Cities; High speed limits compared to the N roads etc…

But what are some of the disadvantages that a driver from the UK may notice – and may need to be aware of ?

An obvious one maybe, but the Toll booths themselves are situated to the LEFT of the car, which can cause problems for a lone traveler in a RHD vehicle, particularly if they are scrabbling around for change.

Another is the fact that at night there are no road lights, which can often take some getting used to.

Road signs (or rather lack of them) together with the total lack of planning when it comes to constructing junctions is often an issue – quite often you can see exit signs placed after the junction as opposed to before !

The cost of a journey can also be an issue if you are travelling a long way – for example a trip from Valencia to Barcelona ( approx 400 kms ) can cost around 40Euros, payable at 5 Booths and to 3 different Motorway Agencies.

So how can you make this easier on yourself ?

The Company which oversees the various motorway agencies in Spain offer an electronic device called the Bi-Model - also known as the VIA T – the major difference being that the former can also be used in France.

The Via-T device is fitted in the windscreen of vehicles, but the Bi-Model device is fastened to the registration plate. Users of these schemes have the benefit of being able to use a special lane, which means that the vehicle does not need to come to a complete stop – just slow to slow to 30km at the tolls (usually to the far left and clearly marked “Via-T”).

Discounts of between 5% and 50% can also be applied - depending on the stretch of motorway you use, the number of journeys that you take per month and distance of Journey covered – it all adds up !

A credit period of 6 to 8 weeks is also given to users of the Bi-Model / Via-T device, which is usually better than frantic searching for loose change or a debit card – often at a time when you just want head off and complete your journey.

Both of the Via-T and Bi-Model units are rented from the motorway company, and when ordering them you must state the license plate numbers and number of axles present on each of the vehicles that are to use the units. The order must be accompanied by a copy of the vehicle’s product description and the registration certificate.

There are more than 20 individual motorway agencies in Spain, each with its own network across the region, and it wise to check the website of the agency whose network(s) you will be using the most to see which agencies they have reciprocal agreements with, and how you should go about ordering one. In almost every case the devise is ordered and paid for at the local branch of a national bank and the monthly fees are deducted from your account by direct debit.

Those who speak a passable amount of Spanish can also buy/rent a Via-T device online by clicking the link >>HERE<< .

Comment on this Article

Hi Mike, thankyou so much, emailing them now, will let you know how we get on.
Marlene Lawton - Sun 2th Sep 2018
I know it is a bit late in the day. We are going to Spain next week. Bilbao- Huesca. Is the A21 now a duel carriageway ? - I know some have been done.
Keith Nichols - Thu 30th Aug 2018
Hi Marlene, here's the rest of the Via T rental (or not) story: My understanding of the reply from Pagatelia .. is that they would load the Via T card with an amount of your choice. I use €60 as my prepaid balance on my two Via T cards and when the amount drops below an amount which you choose, say €30, it is topped up automatically from your credit card. When you leave Spain you post the card back and any unused balance would be returned to your credit card. Hope that helps! Just a warning, the Via T channels whilst immensely convenient are not wider than the pay channels. You can at least stay in the middle of them rather than having to edge over to hand money to a cashier… if there is one. Any not having to wait or queue is fantastic. It’s an immensely efficient company to deal with. To say nothing of avoiding matrimonial complications..
Mike Drury - Wed 29th Aug 2018
Hi Marlene, I sent you half of a long reply after contacting Pagatelia but it hasn't shown up here yet. Basically yes, it's not a rental but you sign up for a card, provide a local delivery address and a credit card and then send it back at the end of your visit and Pagatelia will refund you any unused monies. Let's see if this shows up on Tumbit for a start.
Mike Drury - Tue 28th Aug 2018
Hi Marlene, I had a reply the same day from Luis Cereijo of Pagatelia. His email address is: Good day Michael, thank you very much for your words and your confidence in us. With regard to your question we inform you that we don’t have a rental system as such. Nevertheless if we don’t have the possibility of long term use of our system, your acquaintance can ask for a card, give us a delivery address in Spain, let us have a credit card number as a means of payment and once he has finished his travelling, he can return the card to us and we will return any monies not spent to his card. Reached my limit, will continue separately
Mike Drury - Mon 27th Aug 2018
Hi Mike, thanks, I do like the idea, mainly because the last time we travelled through Spain, trying to get close to payment machine, we got a small knock to our caravan, dosen, t help marital relations, so I'm trying to avoid repeating it, I have found it very difficult to find out whether Via T cards would be viable for will be very interesred in anything you find out.
Marlene - Fri 24th Aug 2018
Hi Marlene, I've just written to Pagatelia whose Via T cards we use to check to see if there is a rental service. It doesn't show up on their website. I should get a reply today, they are very efficient. It certainly is a great feeling in summer when you shoot through the Via T lane, overtaking lines and lines of cars working their way through the manual payments booths. I'll post a reply here when I hear back from them.
Mike Drury - Fri 24th Aug 2018
we are travelling to Spain, Santander to Alicante via Haro Valencia, is a tag worth it just for a month,and is there any advantages in getting one.
Marlene Lawton - Thu 23rd Aug 2018
We are travelling to Spain in Sept. Bilbao to Costa Brava. What is the best way of obtaining an /tag. for the car. we are in Spain only for the month of September.
Keith Nichols - Thu 16th Aug 2018
Bad luck on the speed fine David. Knowing where the cameras is a big help. Which toll did you have the problem at? I notice they are less staffed now than a few years ago. I sail through with the Pagetelia automatic card reader on my windscreen. Could not do without it. Have you been able to get it? They are an ace company to deal with.
Mike Drury - Fri 1st Dec 2017
Arriving at a toll,l found it was fully automated with no staff present.No cash could be paid just cards. My card was not recognised and there was no way for me to get through the toll booth or no way to turn around (as one way) It was a nightmare as the Spanish are not know for coming forward to help !
David - Thu 30th Nov 2017
In spite of being well aware of speed safety cameras on AP7. I managed to fall foul of one. If you are not aware you can break the 120kmh when overtaking by 10%, Once past you must move back into the driving lane and be at a speed of 120 again. I had over taken coming up to the camera and had moved back into the driving lane but not reduced my speed sufficiently. Cop who brought ticket round to house explained many people fall foul of this. Just a fine, fortunately no points.
David ? Everett - Fri 13th Oct 2017
You can order online and delivered by Courier within 48hrs.
David - Thu 12th Oct 2017
Am having a nightmare trying to organise a Via-t card for the toll roads in Spain. Please advise, via e-mail, a fool-proof method of applying! Thanking you in advance, Anthony Angelo-Sparling.
Anthony Angelo-sparling - Thu 12th Oct 2017
The Pagatelia Via T system is fantastic. It's a prepaid card so it can be set up with the absolute minimum of fuss if you have a bank account in Spain and the company is super efficient to deal with. I see I last posted in 2014 just when I was getting the cards. Well they really work well and also in most parking garages which saves fiddling for change.
Mike Drury - Sun 7th May 2017
John Martin - no it doesn't.
David - Sat 6th May 2017
does the via-t box monitor vehicle speed in spain
John Martin - Sat 6th May 2017
can not find any petrol stations on motor way from Santader to savill marked on the map
Bristow - Tue 24th Feb 2015
Amazing service. This morning my two Via T readers were delivered from Pagatelia following my order on Tuesday night. I'll put them in tomorrow. I always use the AP7 between Marbella and Fuengirola, much safer and faster. Can't wait to try the readers out on the tolls this weekend!
Mike Drury - Fri 24th Oct 2014
Amazing timing. Just this morning I closed my Bankia current account and with it went our two Via T cards. Tomorrow morning I was going to apply for two new Via T cards in another bank but instead followed the Pagatelia link above a moment ago. Hey presto, for half the cost and without queuing in a bank, something I am now allergic to after 35 years in Spain, I am having two Via T cards delivered to me. I like the concept of prepayment. And they work in Portugal. And parking places as well! Thank you very much Tumbit! I'll keep you posted.
Mike Drury - Tue 21st Oct 2014
The 2 Tolls between La Zenia and Los Molinos double their prices between 1st June and the 30th September - in order to 'catch' the Tourists. Everyday motorists then divert onto the N332, causing gridlock, whilst the AP7 remains almost empty. Great planning - NOT.!! The famous saying 'Couldn't run a tap' springs to mind.!!!
David - Tue 21st Oct 2014
I'm not sure that the time of day matters, but in high season the tolls are high as well. It should be better now though.
Donb - Tue 21st Oct 2014
Monday, 20th October, drove the AP7 from Sabadell C58 to Valencia. No discount on motorway charges for driving in the early hours and fee inc. 21% V.A.T. €36.55. Not cheap but trouble free drive. Speed cameras abound on this motorway so keep to the limit. Road surface overall excellent. Convinced lanes are a little narrower than U.K. Returning in afternoon, lovely views of coast, mountains and castles. Motorway services used and clean. Motorway Diesel fuel same price as where I live in Spain ?1.06 /litre (1.35€/litre) There are some long hills to climb so slow vehicles can take a separate lane. Heed the warnings and slow down, if any, for high winds. I ve seen aftermath of lorries caravans and cars blown off the road or over. Parts of motorway are very exposed to crosswinds.
David N Everett - Tue 21st Oct 2014
No problem David, please let us know how you get on.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 19th Oct 2014
To Tumbit Admin. Thank you very much for the link and info. I shall be trying out the Barcelona Valencia motorway next week.
David N Everett - Fri 17th Oct 2014
David : Certain motorway operators offer reduced rates at certain times / days etc... if you click the link here (and then open the PDF shown >> HERE << you will be able to see a full list of all the current Toll fees.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 16th Oct 2014
I believe if you travel on some motorways which have tolls during the early hours of morning you do not need to pay. So I have been told. Can anyone clarify this or knows the time slots. It's your fuel paid for if you don't have to pay the toll from Barcelona to Valencia
David N Everett - Wed 15th Oct 2014
Has there been a change in policy? I checked with Bi-Model suppliers last year and they only supply the Bi-Model variant to HGVs. I have tried to get Tele Pass for France, but was told that my Belgian and Spanish bank accounts were not acceptable. I do not want to pay in £s for my tolls this would be more expensive. If no other solutions are available I will stick to paying with a Euro based Visa card; the queues are not that bad.
Don Bruce - Mon 15th Jul 2013
I already have a sanef toll tag, but need a Spanish tag, could you advise.
Paul Prestwood - Mon 15th Jul 2013
Thanks for the update David, we will post the link in the above article for the benefit of future visitors.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 16th Jan 2013
Thanks for the link. This allowed me to click on another link - - which led me to being able to purchase a TAG online.!!!! All done and paid for. You can choose an auto top-up by Bank Account, Credit or Debit Card. Thanks Tumbit - Success.!!
David - Wed 16th Jan 2013
Yes, that's just bad luck David that Lloyds don't participate. If you opened an account with one of the other banks which offer the service, you would have to be satisfied that the benefits outweigh any additional account charges. Probably not if you are only an occasional user. But we find it indispensable for example when travelling at peak 'salida' times over a long weekend, there will be 5 queues of cars tailed back waiting to make manual payments. All we do is slow to look for the illuminated blue T then sail through, it's worth every cent of the low annual renewal fee.
Mike Drury - Tue 15th Jan 2013
David : If you click the link >>HERE<< it will take you to the webpage of AUSUR (Regional Motorways Operator) which explains (In Spanish) which organisations supply the VIA T, and how to subscribe to one. OIt seems that Lloyds does not particpate in this scheme.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 15th Jan 2013
Trying to obtain a VIA-T Tag, is most frustrating. My Bank (Lloyds) can't get them. I have called at various CEPSA petrol stations and asked for one - in Spanish - and they no nothing about them. Does anyone know where I can purchase one, please? I fully understand that they are linked to a credit card or bank account.
David - Tue 15th Jan 2013
Thank you for all your advice.
Don Bruce - Thu 30th Aug 2012
Don, hopefully you have a bank account in Spain because it's regarded as the equivalent of a credit card. The bank handles the paperwork, applies for the device and you collect it from the bank. I see you must have an account if you have a Spanish credit card. It takes about 2 weeks. Thanks for info about Bi-Model, pity about that. I held up a queue of at least 15 French holiday makers trying to sort things out with a remote voice in French. Turned out the toll ticket must have been faulty. Not my favourite situation.
Mike Drury - Thu 23rd Aug 2012
Thanks for your comments. I have been in touch with several companies who supply the Bi-Model but they are only for trucks and other vehicles above 3.5 tons. The UK Sanef seems to have quite a high exchange rate so I will probably stick to my Spanish credit card (No exchange rate) which works fine, but there are still queues on busy days. I will try and get a Via T in Spain when I am down next. Where is the best place to purchase/rent one of these?
Don Bruce - Thu 23rd Aug 2012

Earlier this month we drove up to Germany from the south of Spain and our Spanish VIA T (TAG) worked on the first two tolls into France on the A63 towards Bayonne but not afterwards.

Not everything went as smoothly as usual with our credit card payments at the tolls in France so we switched to cash. I'll check in to see if I can change our VIA T for a Bi Model before our next trip to France. With reference to our VIA T which we keep in the dashboard and hold up as we pass through tolls, rather than keep it on the windscreen, it works seamlessly right throughout Spain.

Mike Drury - Thu 23rd Aug 2012
Has anyone have a Bi-Model fitted to a saloon car and used it in both Spain and France ?
Don Bruce - Wed 22th Aug 2012
Not all Banks issue them. I have just had a reply to my email, mine - Lloyds International do not. I guess it's off to the nearest CEPSA fuel stop, then.!
David Stringer - Mon 27th Jun 2011
You can't buy a device online - just at a Bank - but the website of AUSUR, who issue and operate them is attached here -ñalizacion
Toby Jug - Sun 26th Jun 2011
Website links would be useful - if avalable.
David Stringer - Sun 26th Jun 2011
Can anyone confirm the value of savings to be made from such a scheme ?
Paul Coulson - Wed 24th Nov 2010
I've used a TAG for some years and it really is the way to go. Order one from your bank, they treat it as a credit card and you'll pay monthly through the bank for your journeys. I've travelled all over Spain and my TAG works everywhere. I look on the toll charges as a kind of pay as you go insurance, the peajes are much safer than the national roads especially the A7 down on the Costa del Sol where I do most travelling. It's worth doing the paperwork needed for the TAG and you'll enjoy the feeling of sailing past the long queues at the toll booths especially at the height of summer!
Mike Drury - Fri 20th Aug 2010