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Archbishop Slams Gays and Women

Source: El Pais - Tue 24th Jan 2012
Archbishop Slams Gays and Women

El Pais has reported how the archbishop of Tarragona has made some controversial comments about homosexuals, calling their behavior "inadequate for society," and going on to say that women's roles in society are "limited".

His remarks are a further setback for the Catholic Church in Spain , coming less than 2 weeks after it was reported how the Bishop of Tenerife refered to the victims of child abuse as being to blame for provoking their assailants.

In this case the 67-year-old Archbishop, also a member of Opus Dei - popularised in the Dan Brown best selling novel 'the Da Vinci Code', made the comments during a live Television interview.

When asked about his attiudes to homosexuality, the archbishop commented that "Everyone must be aware of the responsibility they all have in society. The Church can lecture but we cannot enforce anything because we have neither a police squad nor prisons. More so than now, the Church has to point out right from wrong, and each of us also has the obligation to do the same."

Not content on angering homosexuals, the Archbishop went on to wag his finger at Women : "I tell the women of my church the same thing - the person you have to take care of the most in your household is your husband; he is your youngest son."

With regards to the subject of female priests, he commented : "A woman cannot serve Mass because we all have our own duties in life. There are things that I can't do, such as give birth, like women."

Comment on this Story

What a fantastic glowing endorsement for the Catholic faith !
J Coulson - Wed, 25th Jan 2012
IŽd like to comment but all I can do is splutter! Much prefer the feck, drink, girls approach of the guy in your first photo!
Mo - Tue, 24th Jan 2012

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