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Castellon Airport sculptor to sue for defamation

Source: El Economista - Fri 21st Sep 2012
Castellon Airport sculptor to sue for defamation

The sculptor of the hugely controversial statue placed in the center of the roundabout outside Castellon airport has denied that his piece is rusty, and has branded his critics as "uneducated scavengers".

Juan Ripollés, defended his sculpture after the provincial spokesman for the Compromis, Carles Mulet, claimed that it was rusty barely 2 months after being unveiled.

The 25mt high, 20 tonne bronze statue was originally expected to cost €300,000 but ended up being €127,000 over budget.

Rippoles insisted that the brownish-orange appearance of the sculpture is it's natural and intended colour, and claimed that the comments had been generated by "uneducated scavengers" who had a political agenda in wishing to condemn anything connected to the airport.

The artist is considering whether to sue for defamation.

Comment on this Story

Bill : I know from reading your own Blog that you are well aware of all the issues surrounding Corvera airport, but if anything Castellon is in a much more pitiful state. I only hope that Aeromur have been closely watching Aerocas to get a workable blueprint of how not to to run an airport, and then do the opposite...
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012
You mean they're still spending money erecting artwork outside an airport which hasn't had a flight since it was 'opened' in March 2011? Or is this about to change? At least production of this sculpture (about which I make no aesthetic judgement) presumably provided work for a few people, the sculptor and whoever refined the metal used. The sense of priorities here never ceases to amaze ...
Bill (murcia) - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012
@Mr Grumpy - I retract our previous statement! lol! American spell check you see!
Tumbit Admin - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012
Being English, I also have a sense of HUMOUR, but thanks for the compliment anyway...
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012
@Mr Grumpy - In a word YES! As always we love your sense of humor!
Tumbit Admin - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012
Just let me get this straight in my head.... the artist CAN and WILL sue for defamation becuase the "art" (Snigger) is NOT actually rusty...... Therefore if the poltician in question had called the sculpture a steaming heap of overpriced and worthless junk, then the artist would be unable to sue as he would be unable to prove anything to the contrary ?
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012

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