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Corvera Airport Issues New Opening Target

Sat 22th Sep 2012
Corvera Airport Issues New Opening Target

Officials from Corvera airport, Murcia have confirmed a new target opening date of April 2013 following successful negotiations and tests with the military.

Corvera Airport, previously a military airport developed into civilian use, had missed several opening targets because of disputes with military chiefs who currently control the airspace around the new airport.

In addition, Corvera Airport was recognised as a strategic air force base for NATO operations in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle East.

After several meetings and discussions, a new agreement has been forged whereby air force operations will take full control of San Javier airport.

However, the military will retain control over the upper and lower layers of airspace around Corvera Airport, but surrender the middle layer for civilian flights.

The announcement effectively brings to an end months of speculation that the airport would never actually open despite several millions of Euros being invested and the Regional Government of Murcia acting as guarantors to massive loans.

All that remains is a plan by which civilian operations are transferred from San Javier Airport to Corvera Airport, a massive undertaking which will need to be managed by AENA and the Ministry for Development.

Read more about Corvera Airport in our Tumbit Topic page .

Comment on this Story

If the "middle layer" of airspace around Corvera airport has been surrendered to civilian operations, one wonders how passenger planes might be able to land and take off? we have been hearing of this "New" airport in the Totana area for 12years now - I'll believe it when it happens.
Andy Eustace - Fri, 2nd Nov 2012
At last its going to open ! - Will flights from shannon in ireland fly to your new airport ? hope so : so sick of the drive to cork kerry and dublin airports and so are all my friends and a lot of other people in the limerick city and county area
Gerard Oconnor - Wed, 24th Oct 2012
I think the "Officials from Corvera airport", have chosen their words carefully and more positively than as is the current situation at this time. The airspace split has been agreed in principle at a local level with the Air Force at San Javier, however if the flight trials scheduled to take place next month are successful, it still requires the approval of the Ministry of Defence and the Government.
John - Mon, 24th Sep 2012
Corvera was never a military base or a "strategic air force base for NATO operations", but was in fact built from scratch on a greenfield site. It never ceases to amaze me how these ridiculous rumours spread amongst the expat community in this area.
Bernadette - Mon, 24th Sep 2012
"Corvera Airport, previously a military airport developed into civilian use," "In addition, Corvera Airport was recognised as a strategic air force base for NATO operations in the Mediterranean" Hmmm...?
Carl - Sun, 23rd Sep 2012

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