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Royal Decree Clarifies Spain's Energy Efficiency Cerfificate

Source: Sparks in spain - Sun 7th Apr 2013
Royal Decree Clarifies Spain's Energy Efficiency Cerfificate

The Royal Decree on 'Certification for Energy in Exisiting Building', passed in Parliament on Firday 5th of April, has clarified and approved the Energy Efficiency certificate - Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE).

The new law states that all properties for sale or rent must obtain the CEE from 1st June 2013.

In short, the energy efficiency certificate is a document signed by a qualified assessor that contains information about the energy efficiency of a building according to the calculation method defined by the Ministry of Industry, Energy Development and Tourism.

A CEE must be obtained before a property is marketed and the information must be included in all advertising. The certificate must also be produced at the signing of the contract of sale. Rentals, including holiday lets, must make a certificate available to tenants. Agents cannot legally offer properties for rent or sale without a certificate.

Those with homes in the UK should be familiar with the certificate. The Energy Performance Certificate or EPC, as it is commonly known there, was introduced on 1st August 2007 into England and Wales as part of the Home Information Pack. When the requirement for HIPs was removed in May 2010, the requirement for EPCs continued.

A CEE analyses the energy consumption of a home and suggests possible improvements to make the building more energy efficient. The information contained in the certificate is summarized by a colour coded bar chart using a scale ranging from A to G, similar to labels found on white goods.

The most energy efficient homes are in band A and the least energy efficient in band G. Those properties in band A should have the lowest energy bills. The same scale is used to define the impact a home has on the environment. Better-rated homes should have less impact through carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions. Calculated over time, the average property in Spain is expected to be band D or E for both ratings.

The CEE is an initiative of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialised countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Within the treaty Spain is committed to reduce CO² emissions by 20% by the end of 2020.

According to the latest data published by the United Nations, Spain is number 20 in a list of countries by CO² emissions, producing just over 1% of emissions worldwide. China is number 1 followed by the United States.

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Comment on this Story

No, you must be a fully credited Architect or Engineer registered in Spain to issue EPCs for Spanish buildings.
Tony Poole - Mon, 30th Sep 2013
Hi, I am an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor / Green Deal Adviser since 2007. I live in the UK but would welcome the opportunity to live and work providing EPCs Energy Performance Certificates in Spain would you know if my qualifications would be valid in Spain ?
John Mcd - Mon, 30th Sep 2013
Hi David, Yes, I know about Artica Energy Performance in Marbella. They even had one of their guys in Italk FM about 2 weeks ago to discuss this new Spanish law. They sent me all info in English and I have confirmed a consultation with them once I get back from Russia. They are very professional and so far, very cost effective.
Ivana Lisin - Mon, 29th Apr 2013
Has anyone had any dealings with Artica Energy Performance ? I called them to inquire about making an appointment for a energy performance assessment and certificate and they came across as very professional, can anyone recommend them ?
David-estepona - Thu, 25th Apr 2013
The certificate is also not needed in general for short term lets under 4 months in total,. The registration at the moment uses the referencia catastral. It will change be when AVEN is active.
Christopher Miller - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
That's not strictly correct about the Catastro. The referencia catastral (reference number of the Catastro) must be taken to issue the EEC, and it normally appears at the SUMA bill, but the only registry where certificates shall be registered in the future is the AVEN, which is not operative yet...
Tony Poole Aka Sparks - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
A useful point for renters is that the EEC is not required for existing long term tenants, only if the tenancy changes after 1st June 2013.
Tony Poole Aka Sparks - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
We have had quite a few comments sent to us via our site about the costs of the Certificate in Spain. There are companies around that will carry out an "Energy Survey" for around 100 euros, however these are only for information and are not registered. As assessors we would not use the information on these documents as we have to submit the certificate so we would want to make sure the information is correct. The certificate is registered against the Catastro reference for the property the certificate is for. It needs to be done properly. If anybody has any specific questions just ask here or e mail me directly and I will try to answer.
Christopher Miller - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
Has anyone got the new e mail address for a2z. please?
Jackie - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
Thank you Jackie, whilst I can fully understand the concerns about the cost I have tried to make everybody aware of the facts
Tony Poole Aka Sparks - Tue, 23rd Apr 2013
Thank you Tony, your website is very informative . Regards Jackie
Jackie Shaw - Tue, 23rd Apr 2013
Dave, your comment "who would spend more on energy saving installation than can be recouped in say 5 years?" in the current economic climate... probably no one! Here's the thing, Spain has had its arse whipped. The government has buried its head in the sand for 11 years and now they must comply with the EU. It's about compliance of their binding obligation to reduce CO2 emissons, not a piece of paper.
Tony Poole - Mon, 22nd Apr 2013
An EPC assessor from the UK can not issue a valid EEC in Spain. They must be an architect, engineer or technician registered with a "colegio oficial". Click HERE for more details.
Tony Poole Aka Sparks - Mon, 22nd Apr 2013
Jackie, no you can't. Only Architects and Engineers in Spain can carry out this work on existing buildings. We have lots of trained staff in the UK but have had to employ local architects to carry out the surveys in Spain. - Mon, 22nd Apr 2013
No that point is not lost. How does a piece of paper with a check list of-does this property have-cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, double glazing,e nergy light bulbs, air-bricks in the proper places, make everything o.k. The 250.00 euros could be put to MUCH better use actually doing something practical to help with the CO2 emissions in Spain. Plus most people are well aware if their property has double glazing etc... or not. As are estate agents ! I am all for practical solutions. I have been recycling and re using for over 20 years. I am all for war on waste. This EEC piece of paper does not provide any practical solutions whatsoever, its just another form of Tax gathering. Does anyone know if a U.K. qualified person can come over to Spain and issue valid Certificates that are legal in Spain.??
Jackie - Mon, 22nd Apr 2013
TODAY IS Earth Day 2013 >>>
Tony Poole - Mon, 22nd Apr 2013
AS THE writer of the article I would like to comment. The EEC is not being introduced to help property owners save money on utility bills, the reason is to cut carbon dioxide emissions from buildings, a point that seems to be getting lost.. Own a property, then the owner is responsible for the CO² emissions. We are now obligated to have that information and pass it on to prospective buyers or tenants. Would you expect any less when buying a fridge freezer or air conditioning unit not have energy efficiency information available under Consumer Protection Law?
Tony Poole - Sun, 21st Apr 2013
We provide the CEE here in Spain and we are also part of a group who provide them in the UK. The price in the UK was driven down by the number of assessors and the fact that they rolled out HIPS in England and then scrapped it, leaving thousands of people trained to provide them without any work. Part of the HIP was an EPC and these people had to get work somewhere. The price in the UK is artificially low and doesn't reflect the work or costs involved. - Sun, 21st Apr 2013
Interesting point Chris, but why then... 1) Does it take such a "Highly Skilled" Professional in Spain to recognise the fact that a lack of cavity wall and roof insulation will result in energy inefficiency through heat losses... 2) Why do the UK's "100 Pound Wonders" manage to assess a better standard of Building Regulation Standards at a lower cost ? It is another form of taxation, simple as
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 19th Apr 2013
Please read the posts below. Spain is around average within Europe. In Spain only certian people can carry out the assessment. They include architects, technical architects and some registered engineers. If you belong to one of the above professions that qualifies you to go on the course to become as assessor. The course in Spain takes a long time and costs quite a lot of money. In the UK there are companies offering the full course in 3 days for 100 pounds. Because anybody can do the course without restriction in the UK in 3 days for 100 pounds there have been lots of people who become "assessors" hence the lower price
Chris Miller - Wed, 17th Apr 2013
I understand the Royal Decree. What l dont understand is, why does it cost £27.50 in the UK, and in Spain for the SAME piece of paper it costs.... £250.00. Sound like legal robbery to me.
Jackie Shaw - Wed, 17th Apr 2013
Can't see the point of them here, no homes are built with enough or any insulation, even new homes are still being built in this area with none, even with new legislation making it compulsory.
Muriel Geddes - Wed, 17th Apr 2013
The price in Spain is expensive compared to the UK, however when compared to Germany or Sweden they are less. Certificates in Spain are about average in Europe.
Chris Miller - Tue, 16th Apr 2013
Considering I just paid £27.50 for my EPC in UK. How can Spain justify charging £250.00. Talk about legalised robbery . Can a u.k. Certified qualified person come to Spain and do the EPC ?? We are all in the E.U. Or is everything only one sided ?
Jackie Shaw - Tue, 16th Apr 2013
I carry out the CEE here in Spain. If you have any question just drop me a line and I will try to get an answer back to you as soon as possible - Sun, 7th Apr 2013
Dave : Jobs for the boys and a needless means of generating revenue for the Government is my best guess.
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 7th Apr 2013
I wonder precisely how a bit of paper will reduce energy, unless it is followed up by a reasonable incentive (another tax). Who would spend more on energy saving installation than can be recouped in say five years?
Dave - Sun, 7th Apr 2013

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