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'Thieving, Cheating Gypsies' v Royal Spanish Academy

Wed 29th Oct 2014
'Thieving, Cheating Gypsies' v Royal Spanish Academy

The Roma community in Spain are protesting over the entry of a definition in the latest edition of a Dictionary published by the Royal Spanish Academy.

Against one of the entries, the dictionary describes the Roma as "those who use deceit and trickery in order to swindle someone in any question... Those who try to cheat someone using lies and tricks".

Representatives of the Feminist Roma Association immediately announced their plans to stage protests on November 7th outside the premises of the Royal Spanish Academy building in Madrid.

In a statement to an ABC journalist, the Director of the Royal Spanish Academy's commented that the dictionary does not have to be politically correct.

Only 2 years ago the Roma community asked the Academy to reconsider the literal definition of their name, with the Scholars responding that they would "think about it", but that any changes must be made in consultation with the Association of Spanish Language Acadamies.

However, 2 years down the line and the request seems to have passed unheeded.

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Comment on this Story

I'm loving the multiple ironies going on here : On one hand you have a very public representative of the Spanish Institution claiming that Spain is not all politically incorrect, and then on other hand you have the Roma community claiming that the Gypsy stereotype has been unfairly and unjustly pinned on them.... all while they shoot their neighbours and marry their 12 year old cousins !
Robster - Sat, 1st Nov 2014
A gang of 20 Pikeys (gypsies) arrived at the Gates of Heaven demanding to get in. St. Peter didn’t know what to do, so he went to see the Boss. He was told to go back and check that they had pure hearts etc., and if so, to let them in. St. Peter went away and came back after just a couple of minutes. ‘What’s up?’ asks God. St. Peter answers, ‘They’ve gone, Lord.’ ‘What?, Says God, ‘the Pikeys.’ ‘No,’ said St. Peter, ‘the Gates!’
Mick Cb - Thu, 30th Oct 2014
I see no problem with the definition... What would they prefer "... fine, upstanding and model members of the community who are passionate, honest and hard working. Strongly believe in helping others without reward and work closely with law enforcement to hold wrong doers accountable and bring them to legal justice" - Maybe "lazy, selfish, pikey robbing filth is more appropriate!" - If you don't like my words, try living next door to a family of them for a few months... You'll soon be on my wavelength...
Ed Bishop - Wed, 29th Oct 2014

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